7 Ways To Survive The Holiday Season When You’re Single

single on holidays

Calling all the single ladies. It is no secret that the holiday season brings feelings of love, warmth, and all of the gushy stuff that, as a single woman, gets really old, really fast. So instead of secretly cutting down all the mistletoe, let’s get passed the couple’s ice skating and talk about how to make the holidays a happier occasion.

single during holidays

1. Buy Yourself Some Nice Things.

While everyone else is spending hundreds of dollars on gifts for their significant others, you can grab that money and spend it on yourself. Treat yourself to something you have had your eye on or for an afternoon pampering. Don’t feel bad about spending the money, at least you know it will be on a gift you don’t need to return!

single on holidays

2. Work That Dress.

Who says just because you are single you have to sacrifice going to holiday events and parties? Answer: no one. Put on your favorite party dress and slip some heels on and look fabulous at your holiday parties. Stand out from the crowd rather than blending in, and let everyone know that you are a proud and independent, single lady.

single on holidays

3. Spike That Eggnog.

Let’s get real for a second, sometimes the only thing to give you that extra spike is a little bit of liquor in your eggnog. There is nothing worse than being reminded by every family member that it may be time for you to look for a man and settle down, because you’re cousin just got engaged or Sally from down the street is pregnant. There is nothing wrong with taking your time in settling down, if that’s even what you want at all. Whether you prefer to be careerĀ focused or just simply aren’t at that point in your life, one friend that won’t let you down is your friend Jack Daniels.

single on holidays

4. Think About The True Meaning of the Holidays.

When you are feeling particularly down about the holiday season, take some time to reflect about the true meaning behind holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. While you are dreading not having anyone to send a Christmas card with, there are people who are struggling more than you. Take a moment and give back by volunteering to those who are less fortunate this time of year.

single on holidays

5. Avoid the Holiday Romcoms.

Nothing screams holidays more than bundling up in PJs, making some hot chocolate, and watching your fave Romcom. About a minute after this wonderful idea of yours, you see the love and then wish you had your friend Jack back in your mug. Instead, pop on your favorite holiday special (i.e the Grinch or A Charlie Brown Christmas) and truly enjoy a movie night in.

single on holidays

6. Find Some Single Friends.

No one understands the struggles of a single life more than your single friends. You will be surprised how much they understand you. Rather than being down in the dumps, have some fun and keep each other company. Organize a Secret Santa between all of you, so everyone gets one gift from each other. It’s a great way to let your friends know that you appreciate them and a way for you to celebrate the holidays together.

single on holidays

7. Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Early

What better time than to beat everyone else in starting your New Year’s resolutions. Start hitting the gym and cleaning your diet to beat the January rush. While everyone else eating baked goods, you will be working on that summer body just a few months early. Trust us, it’s the best way to feel confident and proud of yourself.

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