Ways To Tell If A Girl Is Skinny Fat

skinny fat

What the hell is Skinny Fat?

skinny girl

Good question – although, we’re reluctant to discuss this as several of us in the office are guilty of falling under this category. 

The good ol’ trusty Urban Dictionary basically describes skinny fat as a person who might rock what they’re wearing and even look fit or skinny in their outfits, but in reality, when you peel back those layers of clothing, they’re all flabby and basically… fat, underneath.

Let’s preface this discussion with the fact that we are in no way trying to body shame anyone. If you’re guilty of hiding those McChickens under a pretence of skinny limbs, we’re not hating – in fact, holla! that’s a lot of us here at the DF offices – note: not something we’re particularly proud of… we should be hitting those weights. 

So what are ways to tell if you, your gal pals, or the bitchy coworker in your office are skinny fat? We’ve got you covered.

1. Can be found always sporting a loose or flowing top
skinny girl 1
2. Is a fan of leggings (although she denies it)
3. Claims she DOES go to the gym. We all know she doesn’t.

skinny girl

4. Says she stays fit by doing just yoga.
5. Claims that she was just born with good genes.


6. Looks killer at the club but refuses to go swimming.
7. Does not give two hecks about what she consumes.


8. Her best assets are her clavicle and thin limbs.
9. Thinks that anything with the word “veggie” is healthy.
10. Knows about the “pouch” all too well – but you’ll never hear her admit it.


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