Cake pops have become such a popular trend in the past few years or so. Personally, we heard of them from Starbucks because they sold those overpriced Cake Pops for $2.00-$3.00. We tried them out and of course, they tasted delicious and we became addicted. Of course, these indulgences are so much better than having a whole slice of cake (and it satisfied us just the same). If you’re in the mood for cake, try cake pops! They’re cute, portable, and YUMMY.

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What are they?

Cake pops are lollipop versions of cakes. They are usually made with cake batter and usually coated with chocolate, sprinkles, icing, or other decorations. They can be made into different flavors — there’s the typical vanilla and chocolate, or you can go with something more adventurous like “Birthday Cake” or “Tiramisu”. We love trying out every type of flavour, but having these too often will often drain your wallet and bloat your stomach (ick). You can try your hand at making your own cake pops here with this recipe (but judging from the amount of ingredients you’ll need, we’re guessing it takes a while):

cakepops recipes

If you’re looking to give your best girl friend something for her birthday (or even the guy you like..), try ordering a batch of cake pops instead! The only downside of cake pops may be that they’re a bit high in calories. Yes, if you down 10 of them in one sitting you’re not going to be happy the next day.

The ones Starbucks and other places sell usually vary from 170-200 calories PER pop. That’s the same amount of calories as 3 large eggs (or a box of small fries). If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, check out Olivia’s Cake Pops! We visited her booth at the Delicious Food Show and we were excited by how yummy they were. They are 110 – 130 calories per pop (that’s almost half of a regular one!) and they are completely nut free and hand made! They don’t contain any of the bad chemicals and preservatives — instead they’re baked by Travis and Karolina Bell themselves (and their troupe).

Olivia’s Cake Pops

We love small up and coming companies because they inspire us to do what we want. In terms of Olivia’s Cake Pops, we love the care and love her and her coworkers put into everyone of them. They are baked with fresh ingredients that you would find in your grocery store. If you’re not the type to have hours to bake your own cake pops (and save the likelihood of it turning out awful) then order your own:

They operate only in Canada right now, and they can be found in most Walmart and Longo’s stores. They named their company after their youngest daughter, Olivia, because she has the sweetest sweet tooth.

Because they don’t have any preservatives, they only last 17 days at room temperature. If you freeze them, they can last up to 6 months.



What do they offer?

They have a variety of cake pops that come in 5 retail boxes. There’s (From left to right, top to bottom) Olivia’s Spring Mix, Olivia’s Space Aliens, Olivia’s Red Velvet, Olivia’s Pink Party, and Olivia’s Cookies and Cream. The Cookies and Cream one sounds amazing, but the most popular one for them is the Pink Party.cakepops4

You can buy them retail (again, in Walmart or Longo’s) in packs of 10 for $6.99 (Or at $1.43 per). If you want specially decorated cake pops, they have them as well, and you can order them on their website. Check out the list of Halloween Styled Cake Pops with Mummies, Pumpkins and Frankenstein, or Christmas Styled ones including Candy Cane Bits, Christmas Stars, and Christmas Trees.

We’re not lying when we say they were yummy.

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  1. These are gross. And not sure how they get away with saying they are nut free when they don’t care enough to pack them in a tamper proof container- just hope no one gets sick!


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