Although wedding season may soon be over, brides-to-be are always planning, and Toronto’s Bridal Show helps with just that. And let’s just say that it wasn’t your typical bridal show with booths and vendors. There was a fashion show and again, tons of prizes to be won! When you’ve got bridezillas in the crowd and supportive brides maids, you know things are gonna go down, and they’ll do whatever it takes to win a prize. We don’t blame them, weddings are expensive, and if you’re able to successfully cut corners, we salute you!

One of the biggest trends and most often requested need is for a wedding to be unique, original, and like no other. Which makes sense, because you wouldn’t want your guests to show up thinking that they were at someone elses’ wedding right? This sentiment echoed the vendors across the board, and each strived provide couples with unique options for their weddings that couldn’t be replicated for others.

The Media’s Effect on Wedding Culture

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Say Yes to the Dress is like the show us girlies can’t get enough of, am I right? An overwhelming amount of exhibitors at the bridal show had something (the same thing) to say about the effect of media like Say Yes to the Dress, Cake Boss, and Pinterest have had on the industry:

“Brides are coming in with unrealistic expectations.”

Basically, brides are wanting bigger and more extravagant things now, like what they see on TV, but don’t really understand how much money is really required. People want Cake Boss sized cakes but don’t have the budget to afford it. Brides want lavish and intricate decor, flowers, and out-of-the-box elements in their wedding, like they see on Pinterest, but again don’t have the budget to afford it. Brides are bringing larger and larger entourages with them when dress shopping, when the norm used to be just two (the mom and the best friend).

Weddings are becoming shows, a place to impress everyone, instead of focussing on the celebratory, romantic aspect of it. Every bride wants their wedding to be “different”. Couples are willing to spend more and more money on their weddings than ever before.

Universal Eventspace

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Venue, venue, venue. The first thing that couples look to book when planning a wedding. Afterall, you can’t send out your save the dates without indicating a venue right?

The one main request that venue owners have been receiving from  couples is for a clean, modern look that can be easily adapted for a variety of cultures, religions and styles. Universal Eventspace does just that with their new venue that is set to open in August 2015. Being the only convention center in Vaughan, they aim to meet every couples’ needs by providing a venue with clean lines and minimalistic decor. This way, whatever decor is used for the wedding will standout and not blend in with the existing building’s set-up.

They’ve also introduced mini entrées as part of their catering service as opposed to hors d’oeuvres (we know, that’s basic right?) so that guests can have delicious and full-bodied food prepared before their eyes before the main sitting courses are served.

Besides food and design, it’s important for a venue to be able to create the right ambience. With multiple options of lighting to change the mood, Universal Eventspace will be able to achieve the feeling that you’re looking for in your wedding, whether it be playful or emotional.

BLUEK Photography

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Although engagement photos aren’t a must, nowadays more and more couples are opting to document their entire love-lives from the start to finish. It also helps to develop a relationship with the photographer before the wedding if you’ve already shot with them before.

Blue K Photography aims to achieve that relationship with the couple in order to obtain the best photos to convey emotion. Your wedding photos are what you’ll be looking back on years down the road and you want to still swoon at each glance of a photo.

Tangible photos are also making a huge come-back. Gone are the days of dumping a slew of photos onto a USB or CDs and back are the photo albums. Couples love being able to decorate their home with coffee table books that are personal to them and that won’t easily get lost when packed away for a move.

One of their biggest tips to couples booking a photography is to make sure to ask “Are you going to be shooting my wedding?“. Sometimes companies may send out other photographers after you’ve sat down and met up with the owner. Remember that each photographer has their own personal style and taste, so you want to make sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

Also make sure that your photographer has an appropriate turn-around time for developing your photos. We get that sometimes they’ll be shooting multiple weddings in a month and may get back logged with photos to edit (anywhere from 1200-2500 per wedding!), but taking 4 years to deliver is just wrong on so many levels. And yes this did happen to a couple before! An appropriate turn-around time-frame should be about 4-6 weeks, so make sure that your photographer can deliver!

Elmwood Brides

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

What’s the best part of the wedding for any bride? Yes, it’s the wedding dress! (The groom’s pretty cool too.) The single one thing a girl dreams about the most is the gown that’s going to make her feel beautiful on her special day. We got all up to date on this season’s bridal fashion with the help of Elmwood Bridal.

As the media goes, so many brides try to bring in entourages of 5+ to a gown fitting, and this causes a flurry of opinions to fly left, right and centre, thereby clouding the bride’s judgement. It’s recommended to go with 1-3 people max in order to get opinions of others, but still be able to have your vision be met to an extent.

Vintage is way in this year: lace detailing to full lace gowns, big airy ruffles and folds, floor length veils, and soft fabrics like chiffon (gone are the silk gowns!). White dresses are always the most popular choice, but we’re seeing more and more ivory and nudes. These richer colours conjure a more luxurious, antique feel. Belts are also gaining in popularity. A lot of brides are choosing simpler gowns and pairing it with a beaded or ribbon belts to tie around the waist. It adds a touch of soft elegance, again pulling from a more vintage-y style. As for necklines, the classic sweetheart and strapless necklines are still the favoured choice.

And the sparkle. Oh, the sparkle. Micro-crystals are doing their thing, catching and reflecting light. It’s in the dresses, the shoes, the jewellery, the accessories — everything has a sparkle.
As for bridesmaids dresses, purple seems to have been the colour of choice. And as hipster brides are veering away from the traditional, black bridesmaids dresses are also popping up.

Woodbridge Bridal Shoe Shop

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Working with the vintage theme, brides are loving romantic up-dos — soft curls framing the face, with a tied low bun. And a new thing this year is hair jewellery: brooches, pearls, hairbands — but not so much tiaras.

The wonderful ladies at Woodbridge Bridal were showcasing the most beautiful headpieces in their hair. Brides are loving wearing these delicate boho-esque necklace chain hairbands. We were all literally lusting after them. It’s a new and different trend that still feels timelessly feminine and so beautiful.
The experts here told us that as the popularity of necklaces are going down, to compensate, brides are opting for larger, sparklier earrings and bracelets. The statement necklace has moved on to statement earrings and statement cuffs.
White shoes, move over, because coloured, loud shoes are taking over. Silver shoes, glittery shoes, leopard print, red — anything for a pop. Like with the belts, brides are pairing the simpler gowns with louder shoes.

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal ShowTip Top Tailors

Now, now, ladies, we have to pay attention to the groom too; it’s kind of also his wedding. We got some insights from Tip Top Tailors on the current trends in men’s wedding fashion. Nowadays men are opting for tuxedos with more of a suit cut so that they can be re-worn. And it makes sense, what’s the point of paying that much for a suit that you mostly likely won’t wear more than 2-3 times in your lifetime (unless you’re Hollywood royalty)?

Men’s suits and tuxes are taking on a more slim-fit, streamlined Batman-silhouette. Men are wanting that V – large chest and tight waist. Their pants have a more tapered leg, and the lines are cleaner. Men are stepping away from tradition, with single breasted jackets (as opposed to double-breasted) and throwing back to bow ties. While silk is still the most popular choice, some grooms are choosing do to a cloth or wool bow tie with a pattern, making the ensemble a little more interesting. And while their ladies are moving away from white, men are moving away from black. Many are choosing a navy or grey suit. Also, taking a page from the bridesmaids, they’re looking for reusable suits. The navy or grey can be worn again to the office or another event.

Gatto Flowers

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Obviously as color trends, change, they affect the trends in floral arrangements as well. Gatto Flowers has noticed a significant shift in couples ordering floral arrangements with shades of purples and pinks. There has also been a preference for cleaner looks involving pearl decorations and a combination of tall and short bouquets to change up the symmetry of table set up.

Roses are still in high demand (Romeo you definitely set the bar for this) and hydrangeas are also a popular choice. However, as peonies are quickly catching up (thanks to Pinterest), you’re going to have to book your wedding in May-June if you want these pretty florals to be in bloom!

Peppermint Weddings

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Televised weddings seem to have an elegant aesthetic that’s rubbing off on today’s brides as well. Many are asking for elegant and classic decor, which Peppermint Weddings aims to deliver. Hollywood glam and black are many of the recently requested themed weddings as of late. Although black may not be the first option that comes to your head, but when done properly, the juxtaposition of the color against the typical whites and beiges oozes elegance and appeal. Besides these surprising choices of color, pinks and purples are ever flourishing in the wedding industry.

Irresistable Cakes

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

We spoke to Paul from Irresistable Cakes about some of the popular styles that are coming back in. Apparently fountain cakes, the once popular cakes with miniature fountains installed in between the layers, have been making a come back as of late. The popular black forest cake though, definitely is not. Many couples are now opting for the more delicious sounding option of a red velvet to please their guests of both its color and luxurious sounding name.

We’ve seen an impact that the media has caused on wedding cakes as well. Brides bring in photos from Pinterest, Tumblr and Cake Boss expecting a 10 tiered cake to total $500, but when quoted for much more they’re shocked. A tip is to be flexible and realistic when placing an order. Many of the photos you see of cakes both online and on TV are produced for corporate events with budgets 2-3 times of yours. The amount of labor put into making the perfect cake is crazy, so don’t expect to low-ball your baker if you want something worthy of Pinterest.

Instyle-Destination Weddings

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as they’re stress free, price effective and help to bring together friends and family. Now you’re probably wondering just how can a destination wedding be cost effective, don’t worry, we were too. Instyle-Destination Weddings explained to us that many couples actually end up saving money since their wedding parties are a fraction of what it could have been had they hosted the event at home. Sure, you’ll be paying for your guests to fly, by the overhead cost for food and decor at much smaller venue will ultimately save you more money in the long run.

A recent trend in destination weddings is new and unique places. Couples are opting more to show-case their location as opposed to just flying somewhere for their event. Weddings are now being held a castles, haunted house and even medieval sites!

Currently the top 3 destinations for weddings are Mexio, Cuba and the Domican Republic, which is as expected since many couples are also combining their weddings and honeymoons together. By extending their stay at a resort, couples not only save money travelling but save time packing and re-packing their belongings.

One important tip about travelling to different destinations is to keep in mind that you’re dealing with a different country, government and culture. So try to be as flexible as possible when things don’t exactly go the way you would want them to.

The Occasion Composer

Wedding Planning Tips - Toronto's Bridal Show

We couldn’t forget about a wedding planner! Every couple has a different budget for their wedding, and The Occasion Composer aims to meet the couples’ needs while staying true to their budget. Their biggest tip is to come in knowing exactly what you want. It not only saves the wedding planner time, but yourself money in the long run.

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