What a Man’s Shoes Can Tell You About His Personality

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A study from the University of Kansas in 2012 showed that majority of people can accurately judge a person’s personality from observing their most worn pair of shoes. There’s no crazy science behind this, some characteristics like muddy heels are a big give-away while things like colour choice might reveal a lot more about the guy. Next time you’re meeting someone for the first time, take a peek at his shoes and think about these tips:

1. Loafers, Boat Shoes

Men personality, guy personality, men shoes

Guys who love to wear Sperry Top-Siders on a daily basis usually care a lot about their appearance. The ones that do will also care a lot about a woman’s appearance as well. Being around them might make you feel nervous because they exhibit a nonchalant vibe to go along with their cool attitudes. If you are worried about bad boys, these preppy looking 18-25 year old guys are probably them in disguise but men who wear loafers in their thirties or older are safe and stylish.

2. Runners

men's shoes, men personality, nikesRunners are a staple in any man’s closet because any type of guy can pull them off. Depending on the guy, they could be fitness sneakers or fashion sneaks. Converse, Keds or Vans in muted tones such as black or navy blue all say “down to earth”. These kind of guys need a woman who isn’t fussy over appearance or too uptight. Similar to the shoes, they are practical and not flashy and definitely approachable. Guys that pick the same type of shoes but in different, not-too-common colours are usually more quirky. They have more eccentric personalities and appear shy at first despite their unique shoes so they probably won’t look you in the eye.

new balance, personalityThe ones who are willing to wear bright and bold sneakers usually feel less emotional anxiety in a relationship. This probably relates to the fact they have the confidence to pull them off, so he’ll want to take lead in the relationship. Nike or Adidas advocates are usually active and interested in sports. If the men are wearing the latest models, they are usually more extroverted than those who wear old models. New Balance advocates are more concerned with style than working out, and probably more reserved.

3. Flip flops, Crocs, Toms, Birks

men shoes, guy shoes, men in birks, men in birkenstocksMen love comfort, no doubt about this. More than half of them wouldn’t be caught dead in uncomfortable shoes unless they have a formal event to attend. A man who wears flip flops on a daily basis is very, VERY relaxed. He probably doesn’t concern himself with swagging out and will be down for anything. Men in Birkenstocks on the other hand give off a completely different vibe. He will care about the fit of his clothes and colour coordination in order to look well put-together. These are practical and functional shoes suggesting he is also more agreeable. Although the king of comfortable, Crocs should be kept at home unless absolutely necessary for work (hospital scrubs, standing behind a counter, etc.). Men who wear them do not care about what others think, they’re probably very preoccupied and bustling with things to do in life.

guy shoes, crocs, men in crocsIf he’s wearing his sandals with socks outside of the house or gym…there isn’t much to say. These guys aren’t usually targeted by women because it doesn’t demonstrate maturity or effort. Leave this look for the high-schoolers.

4. Dress shoes

Men ShoesThis one is tricky. Men who wear dress shoes as an everyday shoe are a bit more uptight than the average male with a lot on their minds. They want to define themselves as professional and sturdy but to tell whether it’s just a boy in grown man’s shoes, check out the minor details. Have they been shined or are they extremely dusty? Are the dress shoes being worn with shorts or with white socks? If he’s making a lot of faux pas, he’s probably still not completely mature yet. A man who wears dress shoes everyday should have a tailored outfit to compliment his build in order to pull off the look. If the shoe is white or the heel is raised, this demonstrates a more feminine male who is not scared of extravagance.

5. Boots

personality type, men personalityCombat boots, Timbs, or casual fashion boots? The guy that wears these types of boots on a daily usually feels pretty badass and tough in a pair of manly man shoes and it will show in their slouch. The more studs and flashy accents the boots have, the more sensitive he is. The dustier the boot, the more 5 o’clock shadow he’ll have but typically well-tempered. The study suggests males who prefer ankle boots are probably more aggressive.

6. Branded

Men in gucci, soulja boy gucci, gucci shoesDo his shoes have the Gucci’s trademark double Gs or LV all over them? This is a good sign of a “booster”, a guy who talks himself up a lot and believes materialistic things make him cooler. He will probably brag subtly in the things he says such as “Oh man, I drove home last night so wasted from the Johnny Walker Blue bottle service at the club that I almost scratched my beamer’s polishing”. Guys who exhibit their wealth so boldly might either be insecure and wear the shoes to feel more important OR just have bad taste.

A person’s shoe closet can reveal a lot about a someone but exceptions always exist and assumptions can suck if you’re wrong. If you like what you see or hear, get to know him better regardless of his footwear. Who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised. And now you’ll have new found shoe knowledge for a conversation starter.

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