What Strong Women Who Have Their Shit Together Want In a Relationship


strong-women-have-shit-togetherWho run the world? Girls. We live in a day and age that’s all about strong women and empowerment. We believe that women should be nothing if not fierce and femme all at once, so why is it so hard for us to find relationships that have everything we’re looking for? Men take notes, because this is what strong women who have their shit together want in a relationship.

Strong women that have their shit together spend their days making decisions and taking no nonsense from anyone. So if we ask you a question, chances are we want a specific and straight up answer. And don’t leave all the decisions up to us, take some initiative and surprise us with plans of your own. The last thing we want is to come home and have to make all the plans. Sometimes we want to be taken care of also. Trust us, initiative is key.

Chances are we’re not going to sugar code our feelings. If we want something done and it isn’t right, we’ll tell you. We don’t have time to play games. If you want to go and make something of yourself we’ll be behind you 100% but don’t expect us to wait around 10 years for your epic idea to kick in. We want to see some motivation.

Don’t do stupid stuff on social media. If we see one more selfie picture with a girl we don’t know expect us to ask the tough questions.

We like to surround ourselves with other likeminded strong women, so you need to be able to handle that. Especially when it comes to our careers, don’t feel intimidated by our profession, our job doesn’t define who we are but it is incredibly important to us. You’ve got to respect that. And never feel self conscious about what we do, we’ve worked hard to get where we are and deserve recognition for it.

strong-women-have-shit-together Strong women with their shit together don’t play that communicate-via-text-message game. If you have big news, please call us. And if we call you, don’t send us a text 5 hours later saying “what’s up”. We honestly hate that crap.

We’re looking for someone to share in the adventure of life with, they need to have the ability to share the control with us. We’re definitely not looking for dominant control freak or a misogynistic man.

Never make assumptions about our feelings or moods (the same can be said about all women) and please don’t play the victim card. That’s just not cute. The last thing we can suggest is to above all else, have the strength to admit when you’re wrong. Nothing is more attractive to strong women with their shit together, trust us.

After all, we’re all just goal diggers in the end

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