How to Deal When He Doesn’t Text Back

And this is how it usually happens: you have a great conversation via text. The green (or blue) bubbles pop up, you flirt, you carry a “how’s your day” conversation, and it’s a constant back and forth of he-said-she-said (but in a good way).

And then it stops. Bye bye text notifications, hello absolute silence. But while you sit there agonizing what went wrong (and what the hell did I say, do I sound like a dork?) here’s how you should deal when he doesn’t text back.


Check your phone every three seconds

Because maybe if you stare at it hard enough he’ll get your telepathic “respond-to-me-vibes” and shoot you that reply you’re casually waiting for.

Text him a bajillion times

When he doesn’t text back, it’s up to you to fill that void. What you put in, you’ll put out – so go ahead. Text him fifty times if he doesn’t reply: one word, a lame sentence, a question that was irrelevant to the topic. Keep shooting those messages off and make it rain with your persistence.


And remember to be passive aggressive

“Oh I love absolute silence.”
“Did you die?”
“Noah wrote Allie 365 letters, you can reply.”

Pick your poison, but make sure he knows exactly what you think about this lack of response. But still be nice about it, because how else could he like you if you were crazy and clingy?

Creep his social media movements

When he doesn’t text back, it’s time to go all Nancy Drew. Is he online on his Facebook or Instagram or Twitter? If he is, go ahead, go kamikaze on his ass because how dare he ignore you!


No but honestly, truthfully, let it go

In the words of Elsa, just let it go. The cold (shoulder) shouldn’t bother you anyway.

Not everyone is an avid texter (your thumbs need a break sometime).

So when he doesn’t text back: go out, do some work, be productive, enjoy your free time where your face isn’t glued to your phone screen. Just go and live life.

The world’s going on outside, so don’t miss out (like he’s doing by not texting you, let’s be real here).

How do you deal when he doesn’t text back?

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  1. When he does not text you back, let it go. A person who deeply and truly cares for you will text you back. If homeboy does not show any sign of care, why should you care? Why should you even waste time creeping him out. Let him go. He might not know but the future (if you are a great woman) will show him that he has lost a chance at a friendship or a relationship with a really awesome, amazing femme. Someone else will have the privilege and the pleasure to respond to your fabulous and sweet text message. Don’t ever waste your time on a person who does not care for you. Think about it: while you are out there crying and worrying because he clearly does not give a penny about you, he is out there enjoying his life probably entertaining and fooling a ton of ladies. Just praise the lord that you are no longer in his life and keep it moving. There is someone greater coming for you!
    In the end you will be judge based on how gracefully and peacefully you have accepted to let go of someone or something that was not meant for you. Sometimes in life you have to accept to lose some people in order for you to not loose yourself! Keep on moving forward amazing femmes! <3

  2. Saa fin mage da:)Og de var jammen ulike. Artig at de er saa forskjellige naar det faktiske er ulike kjönn. Hadde jeg ikke visst noe saa hadde jeg tippet at nederste var guttemagen ettersom den &qeot;tutur" litt mer. Men som du sier saa kanskje bildene lyver litt.Uansett, kjempefine mager og jeg lengter nesten litt etter mine gravidmager jeg naa;)KLEM!


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