Why Everyone Should Spend Some Time Living Abroad

why everyone should spend some time abroad

why everyone should spend some time living abroad

People love to travel and see new places — the places you see in pictures and hear about in books, movies, and just life in general. But when you travel, you’re often just spending a few days in your dream destination. Within those few days, you jam pack all you want to do — see this tourist attraction and that museum, take pictures at this garden or that scenic spot. Do you really get to experience the livelihood of that place?

That’s where living abroad comes into play.

1. You can choose where you want to be

Where would you go if you could live anywhere in the world? You never chose where you wanted to be raised. You never chose where “home” was. All that was predetermined by your family. But if you were given a choice, where would you go?

When you’re an adult, you can finally choose to live where you’ve always dreamed of living. And it doesn’t have to be permanent — what’s stopping you from taking a contract job and living abroad for just a year?

2. It’s an opportunity for a fresh start

Made a few mistakes in your life? Messed up a few opportunities and closed a few doors for yourself? Or maybe you just want a break from your boring day in and day out life. Well getting up and taking the chance of living abroad is a sure fire way to give yourself a fresh start.

It is literally a new life. You’ll have the chance to embrace your new surroundings and let that transform you. And when you return (if you return!) you really will be transformed (and not stuck in those awkward in-between stages).

3. You have an opportunity to learn a new language

Different country means different language (sometimes)! What is the best way to learn a language? By immersing yourself in it. That means if Chinese is a language you want to learn, Beijing is a good place to go. When you’re living abroad and your very life depends on using the language you’re learning (like when you really have to pee and need to ask where the washroom is, for example), you’re going to be forced to learn it.

why everyone should spend some time abroad

4. You experience a completely different way of living

A different country means a different culture, different traditions, and a different way of life. In Italy, for example, life is slower, than say New York. Shops close in the middle of the day as shopkeepers take their siestas or just take a break from the stresses of work. And as for traditions, in Thailand, they have a Festival of Light where they release lanterns into the night sky (Tangled-esque).

why everyone should spend some time abroad

And if you go to the U.K., maybe you’ll find you love drinking tea more than you’d thought. In Hong Kong, perhaps you’ll find the hustle and bustle (and cheap food/groceries!) very attractive and get used to that sort of life. In Japan, you’ll find that people don’t eat on the subway. Wherever you go, and whatever new customs you experience, the point is that living abroad allows you to be experiencing a different way of life.

5. You grow as a person while living abroad

When you move to another country, you’re leaving your comfort zone. You’re going to become better at being independent, because guess what, your safety net of family and friends is not going to be there with you. That means problem solving, learning how to make new friends, and making yourself comfortable in an environment foreign to you.

You’re going to become more empathetic as you meet new people, different because of the way they were brought up, and understand the stories of other people.

Going and living abroad is taking a chance on life for life.

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