Why Girl Guy Friendships are Super Complicated

Boy meets girl, they get close, share laughs and late night conversations, and then things get dodgy. Can they remain friends or be forced to separate because of certain emerging feelings? It’s one of those ultimate questions in life that has a whole bunch of different answers because no situation is the same. Unfortunately, you’ll never know the answer unless you take the plunge. Luckily, the internet is here to provide some things to avoid in girl guy friendships so it will all work out in the end for you and your guy friend:

Girl Guy Relationships

Probably the biggest factor hovering around this friendship is the “what ifs?”. What if you two became a couple? What if he asked you out or held your hand? The questions are endless and the gears in your brain keep churning. Stop torturing yourself and let the what ifs go.

Girl Guy Relationships

You’ve had your special moments, your inside jokes and your favourite joints to gorge on Japanese cuisine for cheap. These personal mementos create a nook in your heart reserved just for one another. Everyone has their own Robin (How I Met Your Mother reference) but don’t let it make you overly possessive.

Girl Guy Relationships

It’s almost impossible that neither of you have thought about furthering the relationship. You’re a girl with emotions and he’s a boy with hormones, 1 + 1 = 2. Usually it’s wrong timing that causes awkward moments and time outs. Maybe when the timing is right, you two will create something beautiful but if that never happens, it wasn’t meant to be. Ask yourself if you’re attracted to him, if not, he’s more safe in the friendzone.

Girl Guy Relationships

Is it considered cheating if he’s meeting another girl on your slotted day of the week? Wait…you two aren’t even together together yet you feel completely peeved. If you two haven’t established exclusivity, let it go. You’ll drive your friendship into the ground if you continue to feel resentment towards him for things he has no clue about. There is also no obligation for the two of you to spend Valentine’s Day together or celebrate anniversaries. Make those blurred lines straight to stop the confusion and frustration.

Girl Guy Relationships

Like it or not, the people around you are probably saying how perfect a couple you two would be. They keep cracking jokes every time you meet and asking if you feel anything “different” since last night’s dinner. If nothing has changed, let them know firmly and they’ll eventually drop it. Friends are friends, it’s a headache you’ll have to deal with.

At the end of the day, if you’re skeptical of exploring your friendship, put it on the back burner but be sure to have a talk with him so there aren’t any misunderstandings. Unfortunately if he wants more and you don’t, keeping him around isn’t a good idea and you’ll have to let a good friend go. Don’t we all wish friendships regardless of gender could be simpler?

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  1. 4 years of friendship lead to many timeouts and awkward moments… but no matter what we can’t not be close. We’re over protective of each other, highly involved in each others lives and have virtually no secrets…. but he claims that I’m not his girlfriend and he’s not dating but then he says he’d miss me too much if I leave, and he’d try to plan multiple days to hang with just me, or go out of his way to impress me or flirt… and I’m so confused and hurt… I love what we have but I doubt this is how best friends act


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