Why You Don’t Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

Oh, the honeymoon phase. Characterized by perpetual loving gazes, oblivion to the world around you two, and torment when you’re not with your honeybear. And also teenagers.

The honeymoon phase is often what we feel is the best part of a relationship — the beginning. Everything is new and sparkly and fairytale worthy. You’re on a happiness high and nothing can bring you down. But the honeymoon phase, great as it feels, isn’t where you want to stay forever. Here’s why.

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

He might be really jealous, but you don’t see that. All you see is a man who cares. He might be really arrogant. But you take it as self-confidence and swoon over all his qualities with him. And same goes for you. You’re perfect in each other’s eyes.

It sounds wonderful to not be bothered by any aspect of your loved one, but in reality, the blindness of the honeymoon phase really dampens your ability to judge how well you two go together.

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

In the honeymoon phase, all you want to do is see your S.O. Every second of every day, if you’re not with them, you’re longing to be with them. You’re thinking about them, dreaming about them, and texting them all day. You’re basically obsessed.

And you neglect the other people who care about you. Have you ditched a friend to hang out with your boyfriend? Or had a friend cancel your date to date her man? Somehow, whenever a friend gets into a new relationship, you never really get to see them anymore.

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

When something shakes your two person honeymoon phase utopia, where all had been sunshine and rainbows, it shakes your very soul. You’re filled with doubt. What if getting into this relationship wasn’t a good idea? What if you were wrong and you’re not meant to be together after all?

At the beginning of your relationship, you don’t have a solid foundation with each other yet, so these things matter way too more than they should.

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

At this point in your relationship, you both think you’re soul mates. You were made for each other and nothing can go wrong. That’s why this time is the worst time to be trying to make decisions about¬†each other. Like moving in? Not smart. You’ll love them forever? Hmm. Or the classic Romeo and Juliet, “Let’s get married tomorrow!”

Why You Don't Want to Stay in the Honeymoon Phase

You want to appear perfect. You’re not a girl who farts or burps or — gasp — number twos. You’re the perfect, always dolled up girlfriend.

It sounds nice, but I mean, that’s not really who you are, right? No matter how great you guys click, at the beginning of a relationship, there’s always a fear of the other person somehow finding you’re not quite as great as they’d originally thought. After the honeymoon phase is over, though, the sweats break out and you get to be the adorably gross girl you are in your heart.

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