Why You Shouldn’t “Date a Girl Who…”


Date a girl who travels. Date the girl who is easy-going and adaptable, less materialistic, and independent. Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who has mountains of books, an imagination, and who understands. Date a girl who runs. Date a girl who can be on her own, who is determined, and motivates.

Date a girl who skates, who dances, who eats, who plays video games, or who cooks.

The possibilities are endless, and ladies, I’m sure you’ve spent a time here and there trying to see exactly what your descriptor says. And for the most part the lists are endearing and filled with positive attributes.

I am a girl who loves to travel, loves to read, and (occasionally) loves to run (or for the most part stay healthy).

And if there’s one thing I have to say it’s that: thanks for the compliments – but, honestly, these lists are pointless.


Yes these lists provide compliments and generally true statements, but you cannot categorize a female into one “description.”

I’m sure girls who (fill-in-the-blank) have great qualities, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard females who don’t. If a girl doesn’t (fill-in-the-blank) does that make her less of a package? Heck no!

I can absolutely guarantee girls who travel are independent, but at the same time, so are other females who don’t. Just because a girl doesn’t run doesn’t mean she’ll be clingy. Just because a girl doesn’t read, doesn’t mean she won’t understand people.

But, if you really want a list, let’s go with this one:

The Only List You Should Care About:


1. Date a girl who makes you happy.

Date a girl who would travel with you or would rather sit on the couch. It doesn’t matter which, just date a girl you like.

2. Date a girl who is honest.

Date a girl who can be open with you. Date a girl who isn’t afraid to be herself around you, whether that means running or cooking or pop music. It doesn’t matter, just date a girl you like.

3. Date a girl who could be your best friend.

Date a girl who is there, whether she’s just listening or saying how she feels. Who might be your opposite, or who might be your twin, just date a girl you like.

And if you still haven’t gotten it here’s the final point:

4. Date a girl you like because you just like her.


It’s as simple as that.

Tell us…

Do you agree or disagree? What are your thoughts on those “Date a Girl Who…” articles?

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