Wickedly-Cool Halloween Lip Designs

orangelipsDeciding what you want to be for Halloween is probably one of the toughest and funnest decisions you have all year round. Would you rather go for Cady Heron’s ex-wife horror costume or Regina George’s bunny outfit? Go with a group idea, couple idea, or just be all around wacky?

Well, while you ponder this important decision that could possibly impact your trick-or-treat-dance-or-house-party fun this year, did you also stop to consider what you’ll do with your make up?

Thanks to Spanish make up artist Eva Pernas’,work, you may just have a whole new level of inspiration for your haunted weekend.

According to Pernas, as she told BoredPanda, her idea for lip designs started while she was watching Grease. After the final scene, she decided to pain her lips red with some silver lightening bolts – in honour of the car.

What started as a personal hobby soon transformed into a full-time job. Over the years, her lip designs have gone from movie symbols and scenes  to now, Halloween lip designs.

ghostlips witchlips pumpkinlips

In order to make her Halloween lip designs, Pernas starts with lip balm, then uses tiny brushes to add colour. To add her really detailed designs she’ll use a gel eyeliner to draw the lines. In total her designs take between 10 minutes to half-an-hour.


Pernas’ work is very similar to fellow artist Katie Alves, who’s known for recreating movies scene and Halloween themes on her eyelids with eyeshadow.

Pernas also sells her lip designs on her deviantArt page.

Tell us…

Which of these designs is your favourite?

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