Winter Skin Care Routine for All Skin Types

Winter Skin Routine

Now that we are in the midst of terrible weather for our skin, time to change up your skin routine! By looking at your skin type, we can suggest a couple of life changing products that can keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated.

The reasons why our skin is at its driest during the winter is because of the extremes that our skin goes through. Majority of the day we spend it indoors with high heating that dehydrates our skin, and then once we go outside, we experience the biting extreme cold weather. So by skin type, you can add these additional steps to your winter skin care routine to keep your skin looking great throughout the winter.

Oily/ Combination Skin:

Winter Skin Routine_oilAlthough dryer weather may seem like a good idea for ladies who turn into a greaseball – its not. The reason for your skin producing an excess amount of oils is due to the imbalance  of moisture in the skin.

So that means that if your skin is dry then your skin will overcompensate and produce more oils so that it will be more “balanced”.

To combat that, you’ll need to balance your skin. To do so, try out a cleansing oil! Cleansing oils are great because they will clean the face of all of its impurities and pull them out of your pores.

Oil attracts oil so it is the most optimized way of cleaning. Also, once you wash off the oil, it doesn’t leave your skin dry. BAM, you’ve learnt something new today.


Shu Uemura: Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil

L’Oreal: All Clear Deep Cleansing Oil 

Origins: Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil

Dry Skin:

Winter Skin RoutineFor gals who have dry skin, this may be a tough one to combat. Not only is it dry normally, but it gets even worse once winter hits. In this case opt for a thicker moisturizer or a mask that can be used overnight.

Use these moisturizers after you have done your own skin care routine and massage a thick cream over your skin.

Massaging the moisturizer will allow more blood flow to the face, increasing collagen, making your skin look and feel brighter. Target specific areas like cheeks and the sides of your nose.

Once that is complete, let your skin rest for about 20 minutes until you move onto the next step, which is using an overnight mask.

An overnight mask will keep the moisture in your face because you won’t have to take it off until the next morning. Its a great way to preserve your face while you are sleeping and plus, there is no extra work required. Apply the mask and sleep to a better you.


Kiehls: Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

Cetaphil: Moisturizing Cream

Bobby Brown: Extra Repair Moisture Cream

Normal Skin:

Winter Skin Routine_normal_If you have normal skin, then you have the best skin there is around! However, keep in mind that even though normal skin is the easiest to take care of, neglecting it will eventually lead to an imbalance and your skin will suffer. So in the mean time, add a gentle exfoliater into the mix.

An exfoliater helps remove layer of dead skin that sits on our face just waiting to clog pores. By removing it, you are preventing blackheads, whiteheads and even acne.

However, too much exfoliating can potentially damage the skin and will leave it raw and irritated. Look for an exfoliate that will gently clean away daily dirt and grime. This can be in the form of a cleanser or an electronic device.


Foreo Luna Mini

Clarisonic Mia 2

Neutrogena: Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

For Those Who Want Go Natural:

So you want to start going the natural route? No problem. To start your natural skin routine, you’ll need to continue the 3 basic steps; cleanse, tone, and moisture. You can make all the steps at home and it’s super low maintenance.

Winter Skin RoutineStep 1: Cleanse

You can try either an oil cleanse or making a DIY soap (check the links for some awesome how-to’s). These are great because they require so few ingredients and they’ll make your skin glow from within!

Step 2: Tone 

Ever heard of why apple cider vinegar is super popular as a toner? Not only does it come from fermented apples but it is also a great antiseptic and antibacterial.

Just like a normal toner, it cleans away all the extra crap that your cleanser did not get to and makes it nice and prepped for moisturizer.

Check out the benefits of apple cider vinegar here plus you can make your own toner!

Step 3: Moisture

With so many moisturizers on the market, no wonder we get confused of what to buy. Same thing goes with moisturizing with oils! Even though there is controversy surrounding whether or not it clogs pores and its penetration into the skin. We can all agree that it does work to some extent.

If you are willing to dive into the natural route, might as well try oils for yourself! Some good oils to try are:

Grape Seed Oil: High in antioxidants and helps regulate the body’s natural oil production. It is inexpensive and can be found at the supermarket.

Argan Oil: Contains vitamin E and it won’t break down in natural sunlight. However, due to its lengthy extraction process, it can be very expensive.

Carrot Seed Oil: Also high in antioxidants, it contains beta carotene (which helps fight cancer) and can help reduce inflammation to dry skin. An added bonus is that carrot seed oil is also used to help fight off skin cancer cells from too much sun exposure. So for those who have dry skin, give this one a try!

Tell Us,

What’s your biggest skin concern in the winter?


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