You Wish Your Home Looked Like This

This has inspired us to completely redecorate our homes. We want a mansion to house all these beautiful rooms.


Your home is your haven. It is your sanctuary. Well, at least it should be. That being said, we don’t think we put enough stock into making it beautiful. Granted, many of us workaholics are often not home enough to enjoy it- but it should be the place you go to when you need to get away from the stresses of life. For others, home is their office- in which case, it should be your #1 investment (not to mention, a well kept house goes up in resale value).

This doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire life savings in your home (although the property itself, we’re sure, cost you about that). This also doesn’t mean you need to have the biggest and fanciest house on the block. What it means is that you should get inspired to design your home as that beautiful place you smile to come back to every day. We also think that this means you should switch up your deco every once in a while. Maybe you don’t have to repaint the place, but some new furnishings, prints, and rearrangement keeps your place looking fresh and not drab!

We’re rounded up some of our favourite home photos to get you inspired. Let us know which one is your favourite!


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