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On the last day of WMCFW, Brit Wacher debuted her S/S15 collection and we were intrigued about what she would bring to the table. While we weren’t familiar with the brand going in, we were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. The inspiration of the collection seemed to be rooted in a futuristic vision of fashion. This futuristic view is expressed through the silhouettes of the clothing. Straight and structured lines make up the pieces to give it a mechanical strength which mirrors an industrial era. The twist within the aesthetics of the collection came with the unique silhouettes which the designer brought to the runway. Asymmetrical hems in both tops and bottoms and accented, sharp shoulders, gave us a truly out of this world experience.

Brit Wacher’s S/S 2015 Collection

Furthering this already stunning idea was the fabrics and textures the designer chose. We saw a reoccurrence of a certain silver/grey fabric with thing black lines, almost appearing like a rock or mineral, to give simple fabrics as harshness and rugged feel to them. This specific fabric added a glisten to the clothing which photographed and walked extremely well on the runway.

WMCFW S/S 2015: Brit Wacher

The slick and straight hair accompanied with the barely any their makeup gave an eery but pretty look to the models. The designer focused on the eye to make the makeup stand out as well. Though the looks are quite simple in nature, the tough jewelry added a toughness; thick black beads or metal inspired statement necklaces reinforce the industrial future inspiration which we can see in the clothing.

We loved the overall minimalistic approach Brit Wacher took on the runway. The simplicity along with the earth tones gave way to a collection that we would most definitely wear, whether in the present or the future.

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