Each year, Mercedes-Benz holds a Canadian wide initiative that helps discover and support up and coming designer talent. In order to be eligible, designers must be in the industry for 5 years or less. The initiative is a fantastic way of connecting fresh designers to industry leaders and for a chance to win a $30,000 prize in order to further their careers.

WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz Startup Presents

At World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, six finalists vied for the cash award. The contest showed the contestants’ testament of skill as not only did they have to design collections in order to be entered into the foundation, but they were also enlisted to participate in another contest to design a piece inspired by Disney’s fashion darling, Minnie Mouse. As all of the designers had such distinct and unique styles, we’re sure that it must have been quite a difficult task determining the winner of the Mercedes-Benz StartUp initiative!


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WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz StartUp Presents

Up first in the line-up was Beaufille’s edgy and modern collection. A recurring overall trend in the designs seemed to be thin cut-outs throughout the silhouettes, reminiscent of window panes. The vast majority of the collection was relatively monochromatic, save for a bit of burgundy here and there. One of our favorite pieces was a burgundy leather bralette that was paired together with a piecey skirt composed of large fringes. The skirt’s metallic embellishments as well as vertical cut-outs were repeated in a couple of the other designs creating an overall unified look to the collection.

Beaufille’s S/S 2015 Collection

Eliza Faulkner

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Easy, breezy and beautiful were the models that walked down the runway clad in Eliza Faulkner’s creations. With a muted blue and white palette, and use of denim, the Canadian design house defined the meaning of a Canadian tuxedo. Denim culottes and a crop-top in the same material were paired together with a light washed chambray top to turn down the J. Crew factor of an entire denim look and to valley girl it up a notch.

WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz StartUp Presents

We absolutely loved the silhouettes of the dresses as well as their low-backs and wrap-around tie-waist complemented by thin strappy shoulders. The overall neutral palette was accented by a couple pieces of mustard toned full-pieces as well as bright blue dresses. Eliza Faulkner’s dresses were perfect for any girl needing a simple but adorable dress on hot summers day. Prancing through some fields of sunflowers? Yes please.

Eliza Faulkner’s S/S 2015 Collection

Although the dresses and silhouettes were kept to a simple and clean minimalistic style, the heavier fabrics gave more weight to the designs, rendering them luxurious and effortless. We also absolutely loved how happy the models felt walking down the runway (as opposed to the typical RBF look) as it was a nice change up. Happy models = pretty clothes, yes?


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Black was a popular theme found in BLAK.I’s collection. Edgy prints with black mixed into a variety of grey tones, bright blue and white kept the entire collection in sync. The designer played with a variety of patterns that worked well together and mixed and matched several separates which would work well with other pieces in the collection. You know you’ve created a solid collection when everything works well amongst itself.

WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz StartUp Presents

BLAK.I’s slimming and gauzy silhouettes made all of the models appear effortlessly cool and confident – exactly how every woman strives to feel. You should feel confident in what you’re wearing and BLAK.I successfully achieved that feeling through their designs.

BLAK.I’s S/S 2015 Collection

Parallelling their edgy and cool aesthetic, BLAK.I utilized black leather in a variety of their designs and everyone knows that a little bit of leather always amps up your cool. The material however is quite difficult to work with and for a startup designer to create such a well constructed leather jacket is a feat to admire.


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Vaiken’s daring collection played with more riske silhouettes and racy cutouts. We loved the strappy detailing on the dresses as well as the hardware detailing using on several of the pieces. Vaiken’s collection is definitely for the more adventurous woman as it’s cuts and designs are not for the contemporary wearer that’s trying to play it safe. If you’re ready to make a statement and look smoking hot at the same time then this is the collection to invest in. 
WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz StartUp Presents

A white hot bold bustier as well as an eye-catching silver jumpsuit piqued our interest – never have we wanted a sequin decked out piece of clothing as much before. Resonating with Pink Tartan’s collection, Vaiken also continued with the fringe trend in their immaculately detailed dresses and pantsuits.

Vaiken’s S/S 2015 Collection

We already know where we’ll be shopping for any upcoming parties in the near future. Making a statement in beautiful dresses is always fun and Vaiken is setting a leading example in the industry with their cutting edge designs as well as statement silhouettes.

Laura Siegel

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We lusted over how easy Laura Siegel’s design were to wear and just how breazy each of the pieces were. Reminiscent of a bohemian time, the light and airy tops paired with turban head pieces and heavy hardware turned the dainty boho girl into a edgy boho hipster.

Laura Seigel is is known for her fabric-dying and the interesting patterns that popped up on her designs were quite a site to see against a mostly neutral black and white palette.
WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz StartUp Presents

Every so often, a bright pop of electric purple or turquoise would be thrown into the mix, which is perfect for the warmer seasons as brights usually take the front row seat in warmer weathers. We absolutely loved the drapey silhouettes and can’t wait to get our hands on her collection for the next season to come!

Laura Siegel’s S/S 2015 Collection

Sid Neigum

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Sid Neigum was easily hands down the winner of the Mercedes-Benz StartUp. His intricately detailed origami inspired pieces demonstrated the passion and dedication that he puts into his work. You could truly see how he lives and breathes fashion everyday on the job as his designs were immaculately constructed and demonstrated true craftsmanship. 

WMCFW S/S 2015: Mercedes-Benz Startup Presents

His monochromatic collection was filled with finite details that banished the notion of colors being necessary in order to see details. All black is a definite choice when reaching for a creation by Sid Neigum. Who needs patterns and colors when you can easily trade it all in for textures instead! Make sure to check out our full editorial post on Sid Neigum’s show that opened WMCFW S/S 2015!

Sid Neigum’s S/S 2015 Collection

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