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We were invited by Disney Consumer Products Canada to attend a special celebration of their fashion style icon Minnie Mouse. Mercedes-Benz StartUp teamed up with Disney to have each of the 6 finalists from their initiative also create a design inspired by Minnie Mouse. The installation presentation showcased all 6 of the designers’ work and Sid Neigum once again swept it away with the winning design. The Beckerman sisters, Samantha and Caillianne, presented him with an award at the reception, and were at hand to take photos with the attendees. It was interesting to see so many different designs created with Minnie Mouse as an inspiration. From casual lounge wear to avant-garde red-carpet styles, we personally found it difficult to determine who would win.



We loved the absolutely adorable model who emulated Minnie Mouse’s cute personality to a T. Dressed in a tomato red dress with a bow on her head and a pair of super casual red Converse, we definitely thought that this design was a strong contender for the winning spot!

Eliza Faulkner

The strapless dress had a very relaxed factor to it that could easily be worn out on a day-to-day basis. The dress was very ready-to-wear and we’d easily put it on if we owned it for ourself!


We loved how retro-inspired BLAK.I’s design was and the interesting patchwork style in which the dress was done. They successfully incorporated the circular influences of Minnie Mouse into their collection without blatantly having Minnie Mouse silhouettes in the design itself.


Vaiken created a pure and clean Minnie Mouse inspired design based off of the traditional aesthetic and created for the modern day girl. We enjoyed the different uses of materials in the design that made it stand out from its competitors and gave it silght futuristic feel.

Laura Siegel

Laura Siegel’s drapey and cinched waist dress created an edgy and bohemian inspired Minnie Mouse that was definitely designed for the cool, calm and relaxed girl in mind. We loved how she paired the dress with an adorable headwrap that pulled the entire ensemble together.

Sid Neigum

Sid Neigum swept the competition once again by winning the Minnie Mouse Presentation with his signature style of an edgy origami inspired creation. He hand-sewed a couple hundred the silhouettes of Minnie Mouse’s head together to create a 3D patch work dress that was avant-garde but at the same time wearable. We would personally wear a slip underneath though as it is fairly holey! WMCFW S/S 2015: Minnie Mouse Presentation

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