We’re almost at the end of World Mastercard Fashion Week (WMCFW) S/S 2015 and can’t believe that this week has flown by so quickly. With so many fantastic designers showcasing their collections, you can’t help but walk away from each day in sheer exhausting but in complete awe of their talent. And if you missed the shows from day 4 then shame on you! But you can pretend that you saw them anyways with our quick recap!

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Rank By Rani

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

Rank’s show began with a contemporary dance between two models who intertwined and weaved their bodies across the catwalk. Immediately after, models sporting boxy cuts and geometric shapes walked down the runway. A variety of materials were used throughout the collection, with a note-worthy garbage-bag look-a-like.

Som Kong

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

Beautiful textures and artistic draping was seen across the board in all of Som Kong’s designs. A rich red along with a soft cream and full-bodied grey made up the palette of the collection. Som Kong’s aesthetic allowed the pieces to flow along with movement of the models’ bodies, creating feminine but strong silhouettes.

Malorie Urbanovitch

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

Rich jewel tones were dispersed throughout this spring collection. It was a nice surprise as opposed to the pastels usually seen in collections designed for spring time. Luxurious knits, fringes and furs were also integrated throughout the designs. The whole collection had a very luxe bohemian vibe stemming from simple but long and loose boxy dresses.

Caitlin Power

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

This season, Caitlin Power opted for an installation as opposed to a runway presentation. Twelve models sported the different looks from the collection and formed a circle in the middle of a room where viewers could walk around embracing the designs and taking photos. Well tailored and clean-cut pieces offer a modern option for an independent woman seeking to expressive her creativity through fashion.

Matthew Gallagher

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

A palette of soft pinks scattered throughout whites and blacks made up this collection. Strong silhouettes with full shapes constructed out of high quality textiles gave the collection a chic and luxurious air. Careful folds of material helped created new shapes beyond the typical design patterns. Although the collection was smaller than others, the time and effort put into each piece is obvious when you notice how excellently tailored they are to each model.

Soia & Kyo

WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

Leather isn’t the typical material of choice for spring, but in the bright colors that Soia and Kyo uses for their collection, everybody will be itching to get their hands on a jacket. Excellent craftsmanship and detail is evident as each piece looked like utter perfection. And inordinate variety of trenches were modelled down the runway, but whne their expertly tailored the way that Soia & Kyo does it, it’ll be okay to own each style in every single color.


WMCFW S/S 2015: What You Missed From Day 4

Starting off your show with a cute dog walking down the runway never hurt anyone. And running through the collection with leather scattered throughout the pieces as embelishment – take our money and go! A sporty collection consisting of mostly whites, blacks and reds (we can’t forget the surprise appearance of metallics) has go us already wishing for warmer weathers so that we can start putting these pieces to good use!

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