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Staying true to his brand’s logo, SOM KONG’s S/S 2015 collection featured several pieces that were embossed with a broken heart. This time around however for his collection, the heart logo included a crack through the middle symbolizing a broken heart. The colors he chose for his collection reflected well with the theme and ranged from deep blood reds to a palette of whites and greys.

SOM KONG’s collection showed back-to-back against RANK BY RANI’s but both collections were completely distinct from on another and each shone brightly.

SOM KONG’s S/S 2015 Collection

Som Kong’s eponymous line at WMCFW’s S/S 2015 viewing had an overall feminine but delicate aesthetic that utilized different fabrics (such as silks and satins) for each look to delicately cling to the models’ bodies without being too body conscious. We can only imagine how dreamy it must have felt to be one of the models clad in a silk outfit.


Even though his embossing featured a broken, it was difficult to not fall in love with the entire collection. SOM KONG’s unique method of drapery elongated the models’ already tall stature, making them seem like goddesses clad in silk walking down the runway.

Famed America’s Next Top Model contestant Chantelle Brown-Young (also known as Winnie Harlow) walked this show wearing two of SOM KONG’s designs and looked stunning. Similar to the designer, Winnie has a skin pigmentation condition, vitiligo, which stood out against her monotone outfits. We loved how her unique skin-tone accessorized the otherwise simple designs and elevated the entire look.

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