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We were treated to a different opener at RANK BY RANI’s S/S 2015 collection at WMCFW. As opposed to music or a short video playing before the collection being shown, two dancers supposedly walked the runway and then performed a short contemporary dance routine before recollecting themselves and walking back behind the stage. Perhaps their bare feet should have given them off as not your typical model, but sometimes designers request for different things and we’d original thought that barefooted models would be one of them. Apparently that was only part of it.

RANK BY RANI’s S/S 2015 Collection

WMCFW S/S 2015: Threshold FT: RANK BY RANI

After the acrobatic performance, the real show started. There was an overall recurring theme of geometric shapes literally applied right onto the designs and the main colors were very muted earthy tones. Following along with other designers from throughout the week, a lot of mesh was incorporated into the creations as well as boxy silhouetttes and loose fabrics. Besides the neutral palette, the geometric shapes accented the designs in a bright blue and pink color similar to some other previous designers as well. Are shades of blue and pink to be on the lookout for this coming spring?

RANK BY RANI’s collection catered to both men and women and many of the menswear appeared to be very wearable for women as well. And as the trends are going, menswear quickly becoming very popular in the industry!

Besides the clothing, several of the models were accessorized with arm bands that lent to a futuristic feel to the collection. Between the geometric shapes and the arm bands, the entire collection leaned a little towards the future urban hipster. We did enjoy the nice choice of fabrics that gave RANK BY RANI’s collection a luxurious feel you’d get out of heavier fabrics even though a lot of them were gauzy.

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