Yesterday marked the first day of World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) 2014 for showings of the Spring 2015 Collections. 2 Designers as well as the Mercedes-Benz Startup Competition showcased their collections. If you weren’t there to experience the sensation that is WMCFW then fear not. We’ve got you covered!

Sid Neigum

WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Sid Neigum’s Spring 2015 Collection was not one to miss. Ever on the mark with his edgy styles, the collection delivered and surpassed all expectations. Although the whole collection was monochromatic, it’s easy to see why black and white is such a popular combination. With the careful combination of delicate textiles, colors need not exist in order to showcase the details of Sid Neigum’s designs.

Pink Tartan

WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Gone are the 90’s and in are the 70’s. Pink Tartan wowed the audience with models that rocked the runway with perfectly blown out waves and silhouettes that oozed chic comfort. The collection began with beautiful one-pieces decked out in fringe (fringe is back!) making us all wish that we were on the beach as opposed to in the city at the start of fall.

Pajama print sets walked the runway alongside beautiful bell bottoms trimmed with white piping. If this collection didn’t bring you back to the days of Woodstock then we won’t know what will.

Mercedes-Benz Startup

The Finale of the Mercedes-Benz Startup was hosted by WMCFW and we saw 5 designers walk their collection down the runway. With a $30k award at stake, these designers missed no corners when constructing their pieces.


WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Beaufille quite literally translates from French to English as “handsome girl”, which was what this duo of designer sisters delivered. Feminine pieces with a masculine twist walked down the runway. We loved the metal hardware constructed into the designs and can attest that though the pieces may seem hard-hitting at first, they were very wearable.

Eliza Faulkner

WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

We envisioned this collection for a girly girl who’s ready to prance through the fields on a warm summers day. Wearing a daisy flower crown also wouldn’t be far off from the overall aesthetic. Crisp clean lines were paired with wholesome fabrics that made the models appear warm and friendly. We loved the chambray textural choices and a little bit of a low back never hurt anyone either.


WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

The sharp cuts and edgy silhouettes that walked the runway provided us with attire perfect for a moody spring morning. Luxurious patterns adorned the designs featuring exposed shoulders and collarbones.

Laura Seigel

WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Draped silhouettes and bold boho chic aesthetics graced the runway as the models strutted down. As opposed to the expected neutrals for a bohemian collection, the designs that came out were bright electric colors that stood out against the black and white bases.


WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Vaiken shared some statement silhouettes as well as racy cutouts in their designs as well as excellently cut pieces. Although some of the pieces from their collection were drapey, they held their shape in all of the right places necessary for a fashionable woman who’s ready to get the room talking.

Sid Neigum

WMCFW S/S2015: What You Missed From Day 1

Sid Neigum stole the show with his monochromatic collection with bold architectural cuts. Winning the $30K prize, we’re hoping that Sid Neigum will continue to provide us with a clean cut aesthetic.

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Also make sure to check back on our full editorial pieces covering each designer to see their full collections and our take on their designs!



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