Woah, Beyoncé Secret Album Part 2?

Woah, Beyoncé Secret Album Part 2?

Rumors have it that Queen Bey might release another “not so secret” album very soon — as early as this month! With the success of last year’s self titled surprise album, will Beyoncé Volume II follow suit? She released her first secret album out of nowhere last year on December 23rd. With this little sneak peak, will sales be even higher than last? We will find out once it is released!

The album leak came from the image below on Twitter showing a potential track list along with the release dates of the album:

Woah, Beyoncé Secret Album Part 2?It looks like you can get your hands on the Beyoncé secret album starting on Friday November 14,2014 through the iTunes store or a special 4-disk copy on Monday November 25th. Artists like Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake have collaborated on Bey’s secret album, which we know will strike gold. Even little baby Blue Ivy is making history with her appearance within the album.

We are not sure of the validity of these claims, as Beyoncé’s reps have neither confirmed or denied that an album is in the works. One clue that makes us scratch our heads is the physical album release date. It is stated to be released on Monday November 25th, but on our calendars, that date is actually Tuesday. This could potentially be the work of a Beyoncé fanboy that wanted to start a frenzy.

Regardless of whether these rumors are true or not, we will patiently wait until the anticipated release date of the Beyoncé secret album. This could have been a PR stunt from the entertainment company to start hyping up Beyoncé’s comeback. The little typo on the document could have been an honest mistake from Parkwood Entertainment. Only time will tell, in the mean time we will just continue to listen to last year’s album because Beyoncé is #flawless.

Woah, Beyoncé Secret Album Part 2?

How excited are you for Beyoncé’s secret album?

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