Women Bishops Finally Allowed In The Church

women bishops

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Women Bishops?! Society is coming a long way!

We are so absolutely proud to be women during this revolutionary change. For years, the Church is arguably one place that has remained firm on the division (and arguably, exclusion) of women from men. Society has come a long way from the days where women had to stay home and take care of families. Sure, some places in the world are still prisoner to this (and it’s absolutely sad)- but you can’t deny we’ve come a long way. 

Today, just moments ago, the Church of England voted. They voted to give women a chance to become leaders in their community. By a two-third majority, the General Synod of the Church of England decided that YES! women bishops would finally be allows. Just two years ago, when the question of women bishops arose, the vote was slammed down.

Archbishop Rev. Welby, interviewed by BBC, said:

“[There’s] a good chance of the first woman bishop being announced very early in 2015, possibly been chosen before that”

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We’re ecstatic about this. Moving women into roles of leadership is a great accomplishment for women’s rights- especially when these roles have traditionally been reserved for men, throughout centuries of history. We think this is an indication that women are finally being taken more seriously in society.

Sure, there is still going to be a lot of push back and it’s just the opening of doors into a room dominated by men. It is definitely a step in the right direction though.

For obvious reasons, there has been a lot of push back by traditional Anglicans. They argued that this doesn’t follow teh teachings of Jesus. The argument is that because Jesus didn’t have female apostles, that he meant for the leaders of the Church to be male. We think that this ignored the fact that society has changed since “the days of Jesus”. The Church can’t stay in the past, it’s got to move forward with society, its community of people, its following.

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Yes, this is just the Anglican Community’s decision for women bishops- but they are taking a big step for Churches all over the world and for religious communities, in general.

Tell us:

Do you think it was a good idea for the Church to allow women bishops? Are they pioneering the path for other Churches?


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