Working From Home Can Be Both A Dream & A Nightmare

Working From Home Can Be Both A Dream & A Nightmare

Working From Home Can Be Both A Dream & A Nightmare

If you’ve ever had those mornings where your alarm goes off and you roll over to slam down the snooze button, only to follow up that action with the thought ‘Ugh, I wish I could just do work from home‘, you’re not alone. I too once dreamed of being able to work out of my house without ever having to leave to catch the public transit. Being stuck behind other commuters, or stressing about talking to other co-workers. So when I had the option of doing everything from my cozy little knook I was over-joyed (though it was short lived). I was soon quickly wishing for that work place environment where I could chat with others and feel like I was on a time-frame everyday. But I soon quickly discovered that you can achieve the same environment from home as long as a couple of rules are followed.

Get ready every morning as if you were going to work somewhere else.

Working From Home Can Be Both A Dream & A NightmareSpending all day in your comfy pajamas (as tempting as it can be) is extremely counter-productive to your day. You’re going to remain in a relaxed mood all day, thus hindering your work ethic. Instead, wash your face, put on some makeup and dress yourself up to be presentable both inside and outside of your home. If you’re feeling good about how you look, your emotions will translate into a positive ethic. Working from home is a blessing if you’re doing it properly.

Give yourself dedicated office hours.

It’s easy to get lost in a work day if you’re spending it at home. You can sleep in late and work at 2PM, but stay up late till 4AM and continue to work through the night. If you think back to how you spent the day, you probably could have cut out about 5-6 hours unrelated work activity. Dedicate a solid chunk of your day to working so that after those hours of past, you can sit back, relax and really enjoy being at home.

Don’t have a work station in your bedroom.

Working From Home Can Be Both A Dream & A NightmareIt’s nice having your laptop next to your beside where you can immediately reach over to it in the morning to whip out the latest project that you’re working on. But is that how you’d work in an office? Are you truly more productive working in bed where you’re comfortable? Just because you’re working from home doesn’t have to mean that you literally work out of your bed. Create a dedicated office space somewhere else in your house that you can retreat from after a long day of work and leave your bedroom as a sanctuary to relax in. It’s important to separate your work and private life (even if it’s all at home).

Leave the house.

Being cooped up inside your home isn’t the most appealing idea. Ever had that urge to get out of your office during your lunch hours because you’re tired of sitting in one place for too long? You should feel the same about your home. Take some time to go out for lunch, run some errands or even go to the gym. You can afford to take a slightly longer lunch break to get a breathe of fresh air. The change in pace may even motivate you to work harder when you get back home. So even though you’re working from home, you should take some time to get up and out of your office as well.

working 2Make a list of tasks to complete.

When you’re the boss of yourself and your time, it’s easy to slack and tell yourself that ‘I’ll just get it done tomorrow‘. Stop procrastinating and set goals for yourself. Make sure to write them down instead of leaving them in your head. It’s too easy to forget that you set tasks, so creating tangible proof that you have to complete them will increase your work ethic.

Remove yourself from work at the end of the day.

We get flooded by e-mails daily and sometimes we get them in the dead of night from other place around the world that’re in different time frames. Ignore the ones that arrive after your dedicated work hours. They’ll understand that you’re in a different time zone and can wait a couple hours for you to respond. As long as you’re responding to e-mails in a timely manner, you shouldn’t run into any complications. If you respond to e-mails too quickly, others will come to expect that of you. For

Working from home isn’t all rainbows and sparkles.

You’ll soon quickly realize that working from home isn’t the dream that it seems. You’ll easily lose your battle to both the bed and fridge and wind up feeling like you’re in a never ending dream. Make sure to treat your job like a real job in order to stay efficient and then and only then will working from home feel fantastic.

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