Worst Fictional Guys to Swoon Over In This Generation

You’ve read the books, you’ve watched the mediocre movies and you’ve fallen hopelessly in love over and over. What makes these fictional guys so attractive to us sucker readers? We venture into each book and dissect each male character to prove why they’re not so swoon worthy.

1. Edward Cullen – Twilight

Fictional GuysHe glitters for heaven’s sake. You tell that to any straight woman about a man sitting across from her in a coffee shop and her face would instantly scrunch up into a WTF look. You can’t even kiss the guy without him wanting to devour you. Oh, and did you forget about the baby almost digging her way outta you?

2. Christian Grey – 50 Shades of Grey

Fictional GuysNo. NOOOOO. Sadistic, controlling, and manipulative, when did these become qualities women sought in a partner? Apart from his never ending wealth and good looks, would you want to be with someone so insanely possessive? I completely understand if you dig the velvet room and all that S&M but he doesn’t need to be ravishing you on every flat surface in the house every time you bite your lip.

3. Luke Brandon – Confessions of a Shopaholic

Fictional GuysChick lit queen Sophie Kinsella created the perfect man in the Shopaholic series. The catch is…he doesn’t actually exist in real life even though he’s not a vampire, werewolf or living in District 12. This crushes all your dreams because you thought he might be out there somewhere. The thing is, no guy would go near a woman hundreds of dollars in debt because of a shoe addiction and then lies through her teeth about it. Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll have to work on your major flaws before Prince Charming comes swooping in with his shiny company card.

4. Gale Hawthorne – Hunger Games

Fictional GuysSure, we were shipping Gale and Katniss in the beginning because of Gale’s hunting skills and but he lost the girl thanks to the lack of his backbone. If he confessed his feelings to her earlier, she wouldn’t have been so confused about their relationship. You definitely cannot be blinded by his brazen attitude and risky-bad-boy-rebel behaviour. It’s all fuelled by bitter rage, kinda like a time bomb that might blow up in your face if you got him the wrong cereal.

Now try these guys on for size, they are definitely real characters that are worthy of night time fantasies and day dreams:

Real guys you SHOULD swoon over:

Landon Carter – A Walk to Remember

Fictional GuysWasting-life-away-guy turned into do-good man after falling in love with a pastor’s daughter? The catch line gets us every time. What we like about Landon is that he’s not perfect but he’s more than willing to try in the name of love. He starts off completely rough around the edges and completely in lack of motivation until he meet Jamie. Don’t we all dream about inspiring our man to be a better version of himself?

Levi – Fangirl

Fictional GuysHe’s a dorky and smart. No glitter or no hidden rage; he’s simply a guy who knows how to get down and gritty at the farm while flashing his mega-watt smile. He admits his faults and brings you a Read this book by Rainbow Powell if you want to devour a page turner and lose a few hours of sleep. You don’t regret it.

There’s nothing wrong with falling head over heels in love with a fictional character. If you project your fantasy man on the real guys, you’ll be totally devastated when you realize he won’t tie you up to a bed post or blows a gajillion dollars on you so it’s best to dream about a man who has some room to blossom in your active imagination.

Who is your fictional fantasy man?

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