7 Of The WORST Hostess Gifts To Receive During The Holidays

7 Of The WORST Hostess Gifts To Receive During The Holidays

As a hostess, they are the ones who are planning the get together to celebrate the holiday festivities. It is a general rule that those who attend have a bit of a compensation to the person who made all the food, planned the decor and have 15+ people come over for a good time. So to de-stress the hostess and show her your thanks, give her something that she will really love, which is nothing in the following list…

Worst Hostess Gifts1. Bath & Body Works Soaps

As much as BBW is a popular treat, most likely the hostess has already received something from there from everyone else. Unless you want contribute to the masses- why not get her something different?

At this time of year many brands offer so many different fragrances and even holiday packaging. Give brands like L’Occatane, Soap and Glory, or even Philosophy a chance because they offer amazing packages.

Its a great treat for those who see a great deal of BBW and plus, they’ll have an awesome time trying new favourites!

2. A Sex BookWorst Hostess Gifts

As much as your possibly VERY single friend would love to use her newly found tricks with her invisible boyfriend, spare the embarrassment.

Getting a sex book as a holiday hostess gift is super inappropriate and it has nothing to do with the occasion. If this was a sex-scapade then sure, throw in a sex toy while you are at it.

But in all seriousness, whether it’s 50 Shades of Grey or this Complete Idiot’s Guide: Supercharged Kama Sutra, don’t buy a sex book.

Worst Hostess Gifts3.  Religious Items

Regardless of what the hostess’ personal beliefs are, getting religious items seem too close and personal? Religion is such a touchy topic, and you should avoid the awkwardness of getting your friend a miniature jade Buddha or anything similar.

Not only will your friend be super confused and possibly offended, she will definitively see it as one of those amazing “what not to give” gift stories.

Worst Hostess Gifts4. Paintings

Everyone is different, and so is their taste of art. You may know the hostess really well, but it is a real inconvenience for them if they DON’T know where to put it.

On one hand, they may not want you to get hurt if they don’t use it but on the other hand it may not match the ambiance of their place.

However, if they are an art enthusiast, then maybe grab them an a book about their favourite artists so all the hassle of planning around the painting will be diminished.

Worst Hostess Gifts

5. Something That Looks “Re-Gifted”

Just because you don’t like something you got, maybe you should not re-gift it. Another person’s trash does not always mean someone else’s treasure.

So those socks that you got from your grandmother last year? Sorry hunny, your hostess friend will not want to receive those.

6. The Thoughtless Gift

worst hostess giftsYou know the ones where you just look at and say “oh…”. This can be anything from bars of soap, candy canes, cigarettes, even a Starbucks mug. These gifts are considered thoughtless because it seems like you’ve forgotten about them, ran to the nearest inconvenience store, and grabbed ANYTHING that was in your path. Its even worse if it wasn’t wrapped.

But if you are that type of person that does get all those as a hostess gift, a pro-tip is to make it a gift basket. You can cheat by making it look like a thoughtful gift by wrapping it in a nice care-package style and adding a nice card. That way, you can avoid being grouped with the others who failed at getting a nice hostess gift.

7. Nothing

If you walk into the party empty-handed, then you deserve coal for Christmas. That is all.


Fortunately for you, there is hope! It is not difficult to find a good hostess gift because they all generally follow the same formula. But If you are someone that tends to get people these horrendous gifts, here’s a little guide to how to fix those common mistakes.

A great hostess gift only needs to be:

1. Booze

Let’s face it. If you can’t buy food, get a nice bottle of wine. In many places, wine can be inexpensive. To see what kinds of wine pair well with cheese take a look at this post here.

2. Party Accessories

Bottle openers, glasses, funky shot glasses, wine bucket, you name it. Sometimes a hostess may not think of buying some accessories to suit the mood. By getting her one of these simple accessories, she may use them for a future party.

3. Cute Kitchen Knick-Knacks

You can assume that a hostess likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so get some quirky kitchen accessories. Remember the Knorr Salt and Pepper shakers? Weren’t those cute!? Even though those shakers cost an arm and a leg, Home Goods have other shapes and animals that you can get as well.

4. Cutlery for Future Parties

Party platters, cookie cutters, porcelain bowls, the possibilities are endless! The best part about getting these accessories is that they are functional. The hostess will be thankful that you got them something like this, especially if they have been looking to get them for a while

5. Keep it Under $30

The most important thing to note is to not sweat about the monetary value of your hostess gift.  A hostess gift does not have to be expensive because its the thought that counts. A “bad” hostess gift is simply something that your friend would find inconvenient and a hassle to use. Always ask yourself, would you want that as a gift?

What other bad hostess gifts can you think of?

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