Sexist Songs By Women, About Women, Exist

Every girl has their own version of girl power anthems. But while we are all for the queens of the music industry, some of them have used their powers for evil – or rather, used them to produce and release some not-so-polite songs.

And by not-so-polite, we mean sexist songs by women.

In a world where we need to make our mark as women, to be women-hating and putting each other down isn’t generally the best way to go about it – no matter how catchy the melody is.

Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband”


“All About the Bass” had enough issues of its own (a.k.a. skinny-shaming a.k.a. just look at Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda), but this song by Trainor takes it to a whole other level in this new song about being a “perfect wife”.

In this song, Trainor sings: “And don’t forget the flowers every anniversary / ‘Cause if you’ll treat me right / I’ll be the perfect wife / Buying groceries.”

I’m sorry, but she should really be singing: “Buy your own groceries” because let’s be real, why does he have to do something nice for you to choose to be domesticated? He can still be nice and buy his own food. When it comes to sexist songs by women, this one takes the cake.

Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back”


While Lloyd sings about how she let him go, she suddenly performs a complete 180 when she wants her ex back.

In this up-beat and pop song, Lloyd insults her ex’s current girl stating: “She ain’t got a thing on me, trying to rock those ugly jeans.”

While you may agree there are always those feel good sings where, yes, he knows, you’re the best he’s ever had, but sometimes you may be taking your anger and hurt a little too far.

P!NK’s “Stupid Girls”


No one will rarely think of P!NK without thinking of a strong, independent woman; however, her song “Stupid Girls” seems to go a little against exactly what she preaches.

In this song, P!NK puts down other women who have “itsy bitsy doggies and their teeny-weeny tees,” while calling them “stupid” a multitude of times. While she may disagree with their lifestyle, girls just need to stop hating on girls that like other things.

Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”


No matter how much you like a guy, there is no reason to slut-shame the girl he’s currently with. This song really grinds our gears, because stop slut-shaming girls who show a little more legs than you. So what if she wears “short shirts and you wear T-shirts?”

Everyone’s got their varying levels of comfort. Just rock what you’re OK with and don’t judge others for their choices T-Swift (and especially don’t hate the guy for it either).

Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want”


You’ve probably caught yourself singing the line over and over and over (and over again, because let’s face it, Gaga is just a wizard when it comes to her beats); however, think carefully about what you’re singing (it’s just like B4-4’s “Get Down” all over again).

“You can’t have my heart / And you won’t use my mind but / Do what you want with my body.” Clearly Gaga doesn’t want to get hurt, so it’s easier to just let the physical outweigh the emotional but that’s not the healthiest thing.

Women are always free to do what they want with their bodies, but let’s not start spreading that message it’s OK for guys to think they can do whatever they want.

How do you feel about these songs? Sexist or no?

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