You Need These In Your Purse

You Need These In Your Purse

Your purse is everything. It completes your outfit, can double up as a weapon, and basically carries your life. Your purse is your secret weapon, so why not reap the benefits. The purse’s main purpose isn’t to go with our outfits, but actually to carry our possessions! Here is a list of items every woman should carry in her purse to ensure she is prepared for life.

Lip Balm

You Need These In Your Purse

Lip balm is the quintessential product every woman needs in her purse. No one enjoys lips cracked like the desert floor. Imagine you are going out in public and you forget your lip balm. Sorry honey, I don’t think anyone is trying to kiss you tonight.

Especially during the winter when your lips are dry and chappy it is imperative to have a moisturizing balm to save you. You’re probably saying, “oh if I forget I can borrow my friends.” Yah sure that may be the case, but what if she has a cold, what if you’re allergic to hers and get a severe and hideous lip rash, worse, what if she made out with a guy who had herpes.

Pocket Mirror

You Need These In Your Purse

You just got on the subway after consuming a delightful meal. Suddenly a beautiful stranger sits behind you. Girl, you were looking on point all day. Just to validate your hotness you look at your reflection in the subway window. You seem to look okay, so you turn around to speak to him only to have him stare uncomfortably at your mouth and abruptly turn away. You know what that reflection didn’t show you? That horrid black pepper spice wedged in between your front tooth.

Always bring a pocket mirror in your bag in case of emergency touch ups and check ups. Having a pocket mirror will save you from having to use public surfaces to check if you look on point. They’re small, discreet, and will always have your back.

Oil Blotting Sheets

You Need These In Your Purse

These are cheap and give you the value for your dollar. Oil blotting sheets are your saviour. Imagine yourself about to enter an interview, you don’t have time to use the washroom but you catch a glance at yourself in the elevator mirror. Girl, you’re shining bright…but not like a diamond. You look like you tried out a scene in Christina’ Milian’s Dip It Low  and used olive oil…but forgot to wash it off.

Well if you’re prepared, you have oil blotting sheets at your arsenal. These will take up relatively little to no room in your purse and will save your life when times get rough…or greasy.


You Need These In Your Purse

You decided to wear your tight grey maxi skirt while on a hot date with a guy you’ve started seeing. You are on a nice walk in the park. Suddenly you feel an onset of cramps. Oh shit, it’s Thursday…your period is early. You excuse yourself, take your purse and go to the nearest bathroom to save yourself from embarrassing stains. But wait. You were not prepared, you did not bring a pad or a tampon. You look at the prehistoric vending machine. Now you have to use the dinosaur diapers the city provides.

Ladies, it is truly important to bring at least one tampon or liner/pad in your purse for extreme situations! Not just when you’re on your period. Mother Nature waits for no one and she will strike whenever she feels like it! Don’t be that girl in the bathroom making a makeshift toilet paper pad and praying that it doesn’t fall out of your thong.

Vagina Wipes

You Need These In Your Purse

You don’t think you need them now. But you will when you and your crush get hot and heated and you decided to not take a shower after hot yoga. Did I mention his room mate just used all the soap and toilet paper? I’m sure that some shampoo and the floor towel will suffice.

This is why the vagina wipe is imperative. You truly never know when you’ll need it. Not only is it good for before sexual encounters, but also if you need to freshen yourself up. They smell fresh and are the perfect cleanup on the go. Stock up ladies.


You Need These In Your Purse

You’re about to go on the subway home from work. All of a sudden you it feels like you are repeatedly being punched in the uterus. You have cramps. You’re thirty minutes from home. The pain is unbearable. You didn’t bring any pain relief because you didn’t think you needed to. Well sucks to suck, because this is going to be a long ride home.

Whether you have a throbbing headache or painful cramps, Advils are an important thing to carry in your purse. Emergencies wait for no one. Just put two or three in a ziplock bag in case of emergency. Slip that ziplock in a discrete pocket so when you open your bag people don’t think you’re buying drugs.


You Need These In Your Purse

You’re on a first date with Ryan Gosling. He takes you to an exquisite restaurant where you choose to shamelessly order the tuna tartare with a garlic glaze. It was so amazing. You know what’s not amazing though? Your breath. Looks like you’re not getting a kiss from Ryan tonight. Foul odours make Ryan sad.

For situations like this and other realistic times, gum or mints are a necessity for everyday activities. They will save you on your outings and morning afters. Fresh breath is always a must for a lady!

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