Travel Tips: Your Airplane Survival Guide

Travel Tips: Your Airplane Survival Guide

Travelling is fun. Airplanes are not. But in order to actually get somewhere, chances are you’re going to have to deal with the plane ride first. Here are our best tips on how to conquer the flight.

Airplane food

Travel Tips: Your Airplane Survival Guide

Is it just me, or does all airplane food smell the same? If the food they serve isn’t your favourite, bring of your own with you. You can bring cup noodles for example, and ask an attendant to fill it with hot water for you. Oftentimes, they’ll have sandwiches and snacks at the back of the plane too; you just have to ask.

Must-haves for your carry-on
Travel Tips: Your Airplane Survival Guide

1. Hand Cream – Something about the air in an airplane makes your skin super dry, so pack along a mini hand cream.
2. Lip balm – For the same reason as above, but for your lips. For this and the hand cream, pack them in a clear ziplock bag.
3. Nausea meds – We all know how woozy the shaky ride can make us. Even if you personally don’t experience motion sickness — bring some along anyway for the person next to you, if you know what I mean.
4. Cardigan – It can get a little chilly on the plane sometimes. A cardigan is easy to throw on, as well as work as a makeshift blanket/cover up
5. Earphones – Don’t be forced to buy one of their cheap headsets! Bring your own! Make sure yours are the kind to block out sound, because the engine can get pretty loud. So can babies.
6. Your phone – Of course. A smartphone is the ultimate multi-tasker. It’s a music player as well as handheld game console.
7. A good book – You’re going to want to bring a paperback, just ’cause it’s smaller and lighter. Make sure it’s an interesting read as well; you don’t want to get bored halfway through. So get recommendations or reread a favourite.


Boredom — the ultimate obstacle during a plane ride. Read that book you’ve packed in your carry-on. Play with your phone. Watch some movies. If you have a laptop, it’s a good idea to download (from iTunes, of course) some shows or movies that you can binge watch during the flight beforehand. Nowadays, planes usually provide outlets for charging your devices too.

Another good tip is to just get out of your seat and take a (very) short (and limited) walk about the plane. It won’t seem like much, but it’s a break from sitting, and you’ll feel refreshed.


Travel Tips: Your Airplane Survival Guide

Turbulence is most possibly the most horrifying experience of a plane ride, because in your head you are going to die. In reality, you’re not. You’re panicking inside your head but trying not to look too uncool on the outside. In cases of major turbulence, you need to distract yourself. Blast your music and lose yourself in a world where the plane is not falling. Grip the seat.

The most important thing to help your fears is to tell yourself that you are absolutely safe. 

In the event of a crash

First of all, crashing is extremely unlikely. So you really don’t have to worry. But it doesn’t hurt to know right?  Before the plane takes off, the flight attendants will demonstrate all the safety procedures necessary for you to know in an emergency situation. Step 1 is to pay attention.

Make sure your seatbelt is fitting snuggly. The looser it is, the more G-force you’re going to feel during the fall. During the crash, you’ll need to adopt what’s called the “brace position,” depicted here:
Travel Tips: Airplane Survival Guide


If you’ve made it to the end of this article, that means you’re ready. You’re ready for to take an amazing trip, and you now know everything you need in order to survive your next airplane ride.

Congratulations. Go forth and have fun.

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