Your Birth Control May Be Affecting Who You Find Attractive

Your birth control pills may be stopping you from pregnancy, but they may be affecting more than just your menstrual cycle. They actually affect your your sex-drive – and we’re not talking about the low libido – we’re talking about your choice in guys.

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A recent study was released that showed the take-daily pill actually affects your attraction level towards males.

When on birth control pills, women will usually pick a male partners who have “classically less masculine-looking faces.”

The study took their results after examining 365 heterosexual relationships and found women on birth control pills who went on then off of them, were less attracted to their spouse.

For women who had “conventionally handsome partners,” the decrease in attraction wasn’t that big of a drop. However, for those women who didn’t have a “conventionally handsome partner,” they saw a drastic drop in their attraction levels.

Researchers attribute these attraction changes to hormone levels. One suggestion its hat due to the low testosterone levels in our own body – while on birth control pills – we are more primed to find a mate who has equally low testosterone levels, as well.

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According to Michelle Russell, the Florida State graduate student who’s in charge of the study, women who went off the pill were bothered by their husband’s physical traits (or lack thereof of conventionally attractive ones), a lot more than they would in comparison to any other situation.

Similarly, the study also reported that women on, then coming off, the pill were less satisfied in their sex-lives.

This is however, not a new study. Previous research has also found women off the pill were attracted to men with a different scent, women on the pill were on the hunt for a partner with a genetically similar scent.

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