Your Dream Job Exists! 5 Jobs That Will Make You Wanna Go To Work

5 dream jobs that secretly exist

Imagine if you could spend the rest of your life doing something fun, easy, and exciting. And earn money from it. Well those dream jobs are out there and people are definitely making money off having the time of their lives every day. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the 9-5 work life, typical boring office job, check out these dream jobs, because you might not have known some of them existed.

Your dream job exists!

Dream Job 1: Makeup Artist

If makeup is your medium, makeup artistry should be your trade. You love the way you can change your appearance and the way you feel by changing up the way you paint. When you’re a make up artist, it gives you more opportunity to experiment different looks on different people. As a make up artist, you have the potential to work backstage at fashion shows, television, and photoshoots. Private events are also a big part of this dream job, like weddings.

Most make up artists work for themselves freelance, but if working for a company is your thing, there are options for you too.


Your dream job exists!

Dream Job 2: Event Planner

If you’re into partying, social gatherings, and public events, event planning may be your dream job. This position is perfect for those city girls, who always love to be where all the action is happening, and love to be a part of it. An event planner, along with their client, typically takes care of the food (which means sampling, of course), décor (pretty things), themes, music, and venues (visiting pretty places). It’s one of the most glamorous dream jobs out there.


Your dream job exists!

Dream Job 3: Blogger

Do you have a passion for fashion? For food? For photography? Would you love nothing more than to talk about that passion all day? Blogging could be your dream job. You set your own schedule, work from wherever you want, and manage yourself. And the best part is that you’re writing or sharing about something you love.

All you need is a computer, internet, a focus, and a passion — simple, right? It’s free to start up and there aren’t any huge risks you have to take on either!


Your dream job exists!

Dream Job 4: Island Caretaker

If your dream is to lounge all day by the beach in a place where only summer exists, this is the job for you. The wiki page for this is literally called “The Best Job In the World“. Places with heavy tourism industries (a.k.a. the places where you want to go on vacation), like the Queensland in Australia, are calling for people to come to their island and enjoy life snorkling, swimming, diving, and tanning. And anything else you can think to do on a beautiful tropical island.

You get to live rent-free in a vacation villa with a salary of around $100,000. Duties are hardly janitorial — you blog, vlog, and basically tell the world about your amazing life on the island. This dream job is hardly a job at all.


Your dream job exists!

Dream Job 5: Chocolate Taster

Do you dream in chocolate? How would you like to get paid to eat chocolate every day? (Extremely good chocolate) And then tell the magical chocolate scientists how to make it even more delicious? Well, good news for you because this is an actual job. Is it not the dream job of any foodie/woman/human?

But this job isn’t just fun and games, people — you need a high level skill set. Self-control, for example. If you were presented with a dozen artisanal chocolates, would you be able to limit yourself to only a quarter of each piece? In addition, you need to be able to describe and actually taste (as opposed to revel in) everything you eat. As great a dream job as this is, I can only imagine myself squealing and devouring everything before mixing up all the flavours and falling over (happily) with itis.

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