Are You Using the Elliptical Wrong?

You're using the elliptical wrong

You're using the elliptical wrong

The elliptical is by far the most popular machine at the gym for us ladies. It’s always the machine that goes first. And no wonder right? It’s easy, low-impact, brainless cardio. So since we use it all the time, you’d think we’d know how to right? Hmm.

We’ve compiled a list of common elliptical mistakes, so you can test your elliptical how-to (and improve!).

1. You’re ignoring resistance

Resistance is what’s going to work your body. You’re going to get a better work out when there’s something resisting your progress. As opposed to going on momentum, which is easy with a circular motion like you have on an elliptical  You’re burning more calories, building muscle, and losing fat. When you add resistance, it’s a triple whammy of a work out.

2. You’re holding on to the bars

You're using the elliptical wrong

The elliptical is known to be the highest calorie burning machine because it’s a full body workout. But when you’re holding on to the bars, it becomes only a half body work out. The same thing goes for texting or watching YouTube videos on phone while on the elliptical. You’re not getting the full effect! Set aside this time for real working out and not zone-out relax time.

3. You’re over controlling your breathing

How many times have you seen someone trying to maintain a specific breathing pattern? How insanely awkward does it look? If something’s not working, stop doing it. You could be hindering your body from reaching it’s natural equilibrium, when it’s controlling how hard your body is working to keep up with your movements.

4. You don’t change it up

If you keep doing the same movements, your body isn’t going to be able to work as hard by adjusting itself. Try going faster for a minute or two and then slow down for another few. You’ve heard of HIIT, right? You’ll burn more calories when you incorporate high intensity moments with low intensity. Alternatively, to work your body in another way, you can also try going backwards.

5. You don’t leave the elliptical

Easy though it is, you can’t spend your whole gym hour at the elliptical. I mean you can, but it’s not going to be as effective as if you diversify your routine. Try your hand at some weight machines or steps or heck even the treadmill. And besides, if you’re spending your entire session only at the elliptical, it’s going to start getting dull, don’t you think?

6. You don’t enter your information

You're using the elliptical wrong

The default setting is what, a 150lbs, 50 year old male? Um. Well, just I’m going to make a wild guess and assume that you don’t exactly fit those stats (if you do, that’s cool too). When you enter your info correctly, you’re going to get a way more realistic “calories burned” number. Knowing how you’re doing is going to only benefit you at the gym and let you adhere to your goals.

So stop being a 150lb, 50 year old man to the elliptical.

Honorary mention: You’re not wiping!

While this isn’t a mistake that’s going to affect your performance, it’s still absolutely contributing to how you’re using the elliptical wrong! Because no one wants to see that sweaty sheen on the handles on the machine you just left. If you didn’t know, there are wet wipes in most gyms that people use to wipe down machines after they’re done. So wipe!

You're using the elliptical wrong

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