Text Me Merry Christmas - Better than Mariah Carey?

Text Me Merry Christmas – Better Than Mariah Carey?"I’ll be right here waiting For my pants to start vibrating"Yup, you know a song is gonna be a good one when the lyrics involve...


Les 1001 vertus du vinaigre de cidre

"Pomme du matin éloigne le médecin..."À lire la littérature sur le sujet, le vinaigre de cidre serait une bénédiction des dieux, permettant de guérir...


Annoying Things Couples Need to Stop Doing

"Happy 652 months Baby!" Couples need to stop using "months" after 12 months, 18 max.Why do couples insist on saying happy xx months? Just...

The Only Piece of Dating Advice You’ll Ever Need

We constantly fill our brains with these endless sayings of "be yourself," "dress to impress," "wait three dates before sleeping with him," and "wait...

Mood Killers: The Worst Sex Moves Before, After & During Sex

Mood Killers: The Worst Sex Moves Before, After & During Sex
There's nothing worse than killing the mood when you're hornier than a teenaged school boy. Here are 10 of things you must never do...

Why Romantic Movies Are Ruining Your Love Life

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter, I just have a grip on reality. The main problem with romantic movies, is that it gives...