10 Things Only Tomboys Can Understand

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TomboyIf you label yourself as a tomboy, then you can probably nod along with this list. We don’t necessarily understand any of the girly stuff but that doesn’t mean we aren’t girls. We like to look pretty as much as the next lady but need some help in that domain. Can you relate?

1. Shorts over skirts

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I don’t like having to worry about panty exposure and I feel uncomfortable tugging down the hem every two seconds. Shorts are much more comfortable and they have POCKETS.

2. I have feelings

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Just because I appear extremely laid back, it doesn’t mean your words don’t affect me. I don’t appreciate it when you comment on my  “manliness” or say “I would be pretty if I tried harder”. Accept me for the way I am the way I accept you. Tomboys have softer sides.

3. If we could wear tennis shoes to dinner…we would

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If you would like to see me ungraciously teetering in high heels at your fancy party, be my guest. I do believe tennis shoes go with everything, even the dress I might have to wear. Let’s call it sporty chic all day, everyday.

4. What is a G-String?

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…why would you wear a string in your bum? Mind blowing.

5. You’re my bro even if you’re my boyfriend

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But it doesn’t mean you are like a brother to me, I just feel super comfortable around you so don’t take offense if I naturally call you bro or dude. If it bugs you, please let me know but know that it might slip out from time to time. I would still like for you to see me as a girl.

6. Curling what?

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I see a hot metal stick and am unsure what to do with it no matter how many Youtube tutorials I watch. I am scared I will set the house on fire. Straight hair it is.

7. Bare face

makeup, guy makeup, tomboysI don’t like wearing make-up to cover my pores, it feels like I have a mask on. If I know my way around eyeliner, this is pretty much the only product I will use. Mascara wands take too much time and I would end up poking my eye out.

8. Low self-esteem


Don’t automatically assume I’m not comfortable with my body because I’m not wearing tight fitting clothing. I like the look I have going on and I’m confident in it. From time to time, I do like to try girlier styles, this doesn’t mean I’m suddenly trying hard to impress someone.

9. Automatic friend zone

friend zoned

When I’m meeting a few guys, right off the bat I get friend-zoned because I’m not the typical looking girl. Either I look unapproachable or labelled as just another dude. I don’t know how to bat my eyelashes but get to know me!

10. Lost in translation

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Some of my closest friends are the definition of feminine and I feel completely lost when they start talking about fish tail braids and the Naked palettes. Aren’t they all the same and what the heck is the difference between highlighter and illuminator??? H-E-L-P a tomboy out.

Do have any friends who are tomboys?

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  1. Hi I’m a tomboy. I don’t like wearing skirts or dresses or makeup. I’m still a girl but I bet people will judge but so what.

    I’d rather play basketball then cheerleading if I was given that choice.
    I usually wear shirts and pants or capris. No not usually every day !

    Also I hate pink! If your a tomboy don’t be ashamed because there’s other and don’t care about being stereotyped.

  2. YES THAT IS ME RIGHT THERE!!! I’m the only girl in the whole school who listens to trap, is really perverted in a funny way, plays with boys, loves running, games, etc. I’m happy to be a tomboy, but i’ve always had low self esteem and i’ve been bullied my whole life for that simple reason 🙁

  3. Im a bit of tomboy but man, guys always loved me for this personality. Never had a problem to find any boyfriend, i would say its pretty simple like that. 🙂 hehe


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