5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Men have dominated the world of gadgets and technology and articles, blogs and reviews are usually from their point of view. Here are some blogs written by women for women that reflect our point of view on all things tech. From reviews on the latest gadgets to programming tips and tricks, you need to bookmark these blogs for your daily tech fix!

1.Women Love Tech By Frederique Bros

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Australian blogger and founder of Women Love Tech, Frederique Bros is from Sydney Australia but was born in France. Her favourite part of being a tech blogger is reviewing products.  This is our favourite blog and it has everything you need to get your tech fix . The blog aims to empower women by giving them all information they need from picking the latest gadgets to various lists of apps that make life easy! Apart from tech news, you can also find tips and tricks to maximise your social media potential and develop your blogging skills. What are you waiting for? Bookmark it!

2.Girl About Tech By Amy Cutmore

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Amy Cutmore is Ideal Home’s consumer editor and also the awesome founder of Girl About Tech. She reviews all the latest gadgets in her blogs and also has insightful information on all the tech conventions and latest products that debut there. The blog is aesthetically pleasing and there is also a Celebs About Tech section that has celebrities reviewing products.

3.The Hacker Chick By Abby Fichtner

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Recently recognized by Mashable as one of the influencers shaping Boston’s tech scene, Abby writes about agile computing, the importance of learning to code and where you can access resources and anything that pushes the limit of normal thinking. A software developer by profession, she is also a speaker on innovation topics and there is a section on her blog that has motivational posts, that we absolutely enjoy reading!

4.Techmamas By Beth Blecherman

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Techmamas features the best of tech and social media for families. Founded by Beth Blecherman, the blog covers a variety of topics like tech plan, home and mobile and how to facilitate a safe way for children to use social media. She is also the author of the book: My Parent Plan. You can also follow her on pinterest for a host of infographics related to tech and tips on social media.

5.The Female Perspective Of Computer Science By Gail Carmichael

5 Tech Blogs By Women You Need To Follow

Gail Carmichael is a computer scientist, educator and avid blogger. Her blog posts consist of various tips on how to use platforms such as GitHub and learning programming languages such as Python.We love her enthusiasm and simple style of writing. As she states in her blog, her goal is to  improve CS education for everyone and encourage girls in particular to give computer science a try.

Who is your favourite tech blogger?

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  1. I bumped into your article by chance and find my site Women Love Tech on your list! What a wonderful surprise with your permission I will share this article with my readers in the press category. Many thanks, Frederique

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  3. I m following above all female tech blogger & I m really want to give thanks to them because those blogs are really help me in buid up @ new blog . thank for share this post

  4. You should update this list! haha. Also, I hate when it says the blog post was updated in November 2017 because I’ve read it multiple times and nothing has changed?… I don’t understand…


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