7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to Stop

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to Stop

Do you know anyone who’s guilty of these beauty mistakes? These common beauty mistakes are so common, you’ll be wondering why girls are constantly doing it. Here are some quick fixes to some issues you may or may not have been aware about.

Mistake 1: Not Washing Your Face At Night

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to StopNot washing your face at night is a terrible habit to get into. This beauty mistake will hinder the daily healing process of your skin. From all the dirt, makeup and environmental stress that you take on during the day, cleaning it off at night will allow your skin to breathe and look radiant for the morning. Dr. Oz’s post about nighttime cleansing goes into the specifics of the benefits an effective skintime routine.

After a great night, you should be spending the extra 5 minutes to remove the remnants of your makeup. You can use makeup wipes, cleansing waters, and even an oil based cleanser for an all – in – one solution. By taking care of your skin at night you will avoid clogged pores, premature aging, and bad breakouts.  Your skin is the most important part of beauty routine, makeup only does so much.

Mistake 2: Over-Drawn Eyebrows

#StrongEyebrowGame is such an important part of your makeup routine. Eyebrows can make or break a makeup look. However, some girls take their eyebrows seriously. To the point where their eyebrows are overdrawn! We are talking about the thick bold brows that take over your whole face!

To fix this eyebrow plague, we need to remember: less is more. Taking your time, using your brow products little by little can develop your brows into your best brow ever! Try using more product at the end of the brow and less at the beginning. As a result, you will have that natural ombrè effect. If you need some help keeping your brow game strong, click here.

Mistake 3: Over Plucking Eyebrows

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to StopOver-plucking your eyebrows can also be called no self-control. The mistake here is that we all want beautiful brows but we don’t know when to stop. By over plucking, there is a huge risk of the hairs not growing back. Eeek!

So girl, step away from the tweezers. Put them down and take a look in the mirror. Once you’ve realized the mess you’ve made, it’s time to go back to the professionals. Getting your eyebrows done by pros help you get the shape you want. Try threading, it is so accurate in giving you the most beautiful brow.

Mistake 4: Kim K’s Highlighter Technique

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to StopYes, the infamous Kim Kardashian highlight technique. Some girls have gotten it on point, but some have completely missed the ball park. Problems like cakey concealer or even using the wrong setting powder can make you go from an 8 to a 2.

No need to fear, this is fixable! To fix this mistake, find a concealer that’s 1 shade lighter than your own foundation. That way your highlighting can be the most natural for your skin. Also, by using a Beauty Blender to diffuse the concealer can give you the most flawless and smooth application. For some more concealer trips check out these tips here.

Mistake 5: Mismatched Foundation

This is way more common that its supposed to be. Foundation is supposed to even out skin tone but not to change it. However, one common issue is oxidizing foundation. Your foundation oxidizes after your foundation has mixed with your natural skin oils. Once this happens, your foundation can change colours.

To avoid oxidizing foundation, use a foundation primer and set your foundation with a loose powder. Foundation primer will add a layer of protection between your skin and the foundation, preventing the foundation from mixing with your natural oils. A loose powder will allow your foundation to look more natural while keeping it in place all day. This also keeps your natural oils under control so you can go a long day without worrying about how orange you look!

Mistake 6: Moar Lip Products

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to Stop 2Even the juiciest pout has its problems. Layers of lippies can lead to a huge mess. It can get on your teeth, bleed through your lip-line, and get this, it can even transfer onto your chin.

Over applying lip products is an easily fixed issue. Start off by blotting. If you decided to go the full Monty and apply liner, lipstick, and gloss make sure to blot off the excess. This will prevent your over application from sliding all over the place.

Mistake 7: Perfume That Kills

7 Common Beauty Mistakes We Can’t Seem to StopSome of us have a unique sense of smell where we can’t detect our perfume, so we over spray it. However, our neighbors can, and they wonder if you bathed in your bottle of Chanel No.5 this morning.  Over applying your perfume can annoy the people around you. Not because you smell bad, but you overwhelm their personal space.

Common perfume application is normally the wrists, behind the ears, collarbone, and behind the knees. These are called pressure points. By applying perfume to these spots, your perfume will last longer without having to spray a liter onto your body.


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