How to Become Instafamous

Have you ever looked at an Instagram account and thought to yourself, “how did they get so many followers? How can I get more followers? How can I become instafamous?” It’s hard but not completely impossible. It just takes a little bit of time, effort, quality pictures, and a little bit of luck. So if you’re really trying to become instafamous, here are some ways to increase your following.

1. Be a celebrity.

Become Instafamous

I’m sorry to say this but some celebrities have really bad pictures yet still manage to get 143253 likes. So the easiest way to become instafamous is to be famous in real life. But obviously, we can’t all be celebrities.

2. Be a youtuber.

Become instafamous

This is pretty much like being a celebrity. If you’re known for your videos on YouTube and include your Instagram handle in your videos, you are probably instafamous already. Again, not all of us can be perf like Ingrid or Claire.

3. Be a cute animal or have a cute pet.

Become Instafamous

Everyone loves cute animals. Case and point, @piggyandpolly, @emwng, @rokuthecat, etc.

4. Have a theme.

Become Instafamous

Be it black and white, minimalist, food, fashion, travel, etc. Make sure your feed has a solid theme that makes it aesthetically appealing to look at. Usually having the same tone/colour scale in all your pictures will make it look more appealing since it will be more cohesive. (E.g. @thepinkdiary@joyceinparis, @thatsotee)

5. Take nice quality pictures.

Become instafamous

Make sure to take pictures that are nicely centred, are balanced, and clear. Pixelation and noise in photos is a definite no-no.

6. Use hashtags.

Become instafamous

I know some people are against hashtags while others use them like no tomorrow but hashtags really are a great way to increase your reach and following. Just make sure you tag the proper hashtags and make them relevant to your picture.

7. Explore hashtags.

Become instafamous

Explore different hashtags that aren’t that well known but known enough to get you a few likes. Sometimes when you use hashtags that are too generic like #selfie or #love, they get lost among the masses. Some of my fave are : #onmyplate #getinmybelly #foodphotography and #reddoorsundays. Explore hashtags that are similar to your feed for higher chances of follow backs.

8. Like and comment.

Become Instafamous

Make sure you are interactive with your followers. Be sure to check people that like your pictures and like back if you can. Usually they will have at least one picture you will like. So double tap to let them know their like has been acknowledged.

9. Follow people you really want.

Become instafamous

I know there are lots of accounts that have 1000+ followers but are following 5000+ people. If you want to be one of these people, that’s fine but for those that want to maintain a low following to high follower ratio, follow only those you really want to. Building your Instagram takes time and following people to just unfollow them once they follow back will just cause them to unfollow you. Don’t do it!

10. Do SFS.

Become instafamous

Do shoutouts when you can but again, do this in moderation. If you’re constantly posting pictures of others people stuff and none of your own, what’s the point of your followers following you when they can simply follow the original account?

11. Get Instagram to feature you.

Become instafamous

This is where luck comes in. There is only so much you can do to improve your following. If you are able to get Instagram to feature you, you will be bound to gain tons and tons of followers. So cross your fingers and hope they notice you. Good luck!

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Are you instafamous? What other tips do you have?

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