3 Cute & Easy Braided Hairdos for Summer

3 Cute & Easy Braided Hairdos for Summer

“Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.”

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Hello ladies!

We’re here to do a special feature of easy braided hairdos for the summer. You can do most of these in under 5 minutes but it does take a bit of practice if you’ve like me. If you have the free time, try these out! All you need for them are a ton of bobby pins, a comb and maybe a hair tie or two. We have 3 different types of summer hairstyles, which are suitable for long to medium hair. If you have short hair, sorry, we’ll do one next if enough people enjoy these tutorials (:

First, we have the super cute easy under braid which is such a look for those with medium/long hair. It’s a really chic and easy braid that probably takes 3-5 minutes if you know how.

Second, we have the braided ponytail, which Blair Waldorf herself has been known pulling off.

And last, but not least, we have the rose bun, which you may need hair spray for, but it’s definitely something new and exciting to try!


#1. Easy Under Braid

easy under
What you need:

2 hair ties, 2-4 bobby pins.


  1. Section off the hair into 3 sections, like you would preparing for a braid, somewhere about 4 inches from the front of your face. Make sure to not use all the hair, leave some hair underneath the braid.
  2. Braid it like you normally would.
  3. When you reach your shoulders/collar bone, you can tie it up.
  4. Start your second braid, but add in one strand to the braid one at a time (from the middle section between the first braid). Keep adding it 2-4 times until your braid is thick enough at the top. This way, your braid won’t be too narrow and fall apart at the top.
  5. Leave a bit of hair in the front for your bangs/to cover your face a bit.
  6. When you’re done, you should have two braids beside each other!
  7. Loosen your braids by pulling on them gently.
  8. Using 1 or 2 bobby pins, lift up your hair and pin the first braid to the back.
  9. Pin up the second one on top of the first one.
  10. Pull your hair back down to cover the pins, and you’re done!



#2. Braided Ponytail

braided ponytailWhat you need:

4-6 bobby pins, comb, hair tie.


  1. Divide your whole head into 3 sections, with the back having twice as much hair as each of the sides.
  2. Tie the back into a low hanging ponytail.
  3. Grab half the hair on your right (or left) side.
  4. Pull that part over the back of your head diagonally and using a bobby pin, pin it.
  5. Do the same for the other side, making sure it cross crosses with the other one, covering up the bobby pin. Pin that one down as well.
  6. Grab the leftover hair on the right side as well as the strands left over from the left.
  7. Wrap it around your ponytail so that it covers up your hair tie.
  8. After making a complete 360 wrap around the ponytail, pin the hair underneath your ponytail, so that you can’t see the pin.
  9. Grab the leftover hair from the left side.
  10. Wrap it around the ponytail.
  11. Pin it down underneath, like the first one.
  12. Tada! Use a few more bobby pins if necessary. If it’s not staying, you might need to make your ponytail lower.



#3. Rose Bun

rose bunsWhat you need:

3 mini hair ties, 10-15 bobby pins, hair spray


  1. Divide the top section of your hair into three parts equal width. Leave a bit in the front if you don’t want the rose buns too close together.
  2. Braid each section of hair like you normally would.
  3. After you’re done all 3 braids, loosen them by gently pulling on it.
  4. Spray your hair with hairspray! Especially the ends, so it’ll be easy to tuck in.
  5. Starting with your first braid, hold on to the top of the braid and start curling your braid around it counter clockwise.
  6. Make sure you tuck in your braid underneath! Use bobby pins to pin it down every half circle.
  7. Keep the circle tight and make sure your braid is as close as possible to your head.
  8. Make sure to pin it down every so often.
  9. When you’re at the last bit, tuck the ends in with more bobby pins. You’ll need maybe 3-5 in total depending on how long your hair is.
  10. You’re done the first rose!
  11. Do the same thing with the other sides!
  12. Tada, you’re done! You can chose to curl the rest of your hair for a even nicer effect.


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