Don’t Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy Tales

With only a couple weeks left until Halloween, it’s time to really start getting into the spooky spirit. Here are 7 true and creepy and true tales to give you a little scare.

Warning: Read these alone if you dare.

* Names have been changed to protect the victims.

The Ouija Board

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

One night Tony, his brother James, and two other friends decided it would be pretty funny to play with a Ouija Board. While playing they kept accusing each other of moving the piece around and messing around like guys usually do. After getting tired of failing to contact the other side, the guys just closed the game instead of packing it back up. For those who don’t know, when you are finished you are supposed to pack the game back up into the box upside down to close the window between the living and the dead. That night they all went out. James was the first to come back at 2AM. As soon as he walked through the door he smelled something burning. He walked into the kitchen to find all four burners turned on high, but no one home to have done it. The Ouija Board wide open on the table.

I’m Watching You

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

Gina was asked by her best friend Margot to house sit while she was away on vacation. Gina agreed. Every day Gina and her husband Louis would go over to the house, pick up the newspaper on the step, feed her fish, and then watch TV for an hour or 2 to make the house look occupied. One night while Gina and Louis were watching TV, Gina felt a strange sensation as if someone was watching her. Shaking off the feeling as paranoia, she stayed for another hour. When it was time to leave, Louis went to warm up the car. Gina turned off all the lights and went through the front door. As she was locking it she peered inside to check if she had missed anything. In the hallway stood an older man, staring right back at her. Paralyzed with fear, she stood there. After blinking, the image of the man disappeared.

When Margot came back Gina brought up her experience. Margot asked what the man had looked like. After Gina had told her, Margot’s face looked pale. She pulled out a picture. “Is this the man?” Gina nodded. “That’s my father, he died 2 years ago.”

The Calling

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

My brother and I used to always play in my grandparent’s basement after school. One day we were home alone there. Suddenly I heard someone call my name. As I walked up the stairs I stopped halfway for two reasons. First, remembering no one was home. Second, because I realized it was my grandfather’s voice calling my name. He had died two weeks ago. A month later I brought it up to my brother, who said that he had heard his name called as well.

The House

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

Sharon had recently sold her home and moved into a new house. One night, the new owners of the home called her with a weird question. They asked if someone had died in the home or if the house had shown signs of being haunted. Sharon, obviously surprised by this question told them she unaware of what they spoke of. Apparently, one night shortly after the new family moved in, the whole family was going up the stairs for bed. The parents noticed the son remained at the bottom of the steps just staring. They told him to come up. The young boy said he was unable because someone was standing in his way. The parents looked and no one was there.

The Weeping Woman

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

After moving into a new home, Jason and his family thought everything was perfect except for the dripping pipe in their son’s bathroom. One night they heard the agonizing cries of a woman. They thought it was from outside. Concerned, but minding their own business they went back to sleep. They began to hear the noises every night, and wondered if it was their neighbour. One night, their son came into bed with them. They brushed it off thinking perhaps he had a nightmare. The next morning Jason asked his son why he was scared last night. The young boy replied, “I couldn’t sleep because the woman in my bathroom won’t stop crying.”

The Clown

Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

As a kid I had many toys. There was this one toy I had, a small creepy clown figurine. I never knew how it got there, but it scared the crap out of me. It always had a sinister creepy smile on its face. It’s hideous red hair also made it unappealing. The first time I found it, it was under my bed. I brought it to the basement.

Every time I played in the basement I felt uncomfortable like it was watching me. One day I locked it in a toy chest I had in the basement. A couple days later I found it among a pile of my toys, the toy chest still locked. I was creeped out to say the least. A couple weeks later my parents packed a bag to give to charity. I threw the clown inside and watched them take it outside. After months of being rid of the clown, I was pleased..until I saw it again, sitting in my toy chest.

The Man from Facebook


Don't Read These Alone: 7 Creepy and True Tales

Back when Facebook came out, Anne got a notification from a guy, Sammy O. Like a normal girl, she lurked his profile only to find two creepy selfies with his eyes blurred out. She didn’t know this guy so she did not accept the request. Every time she would reject he would add her back. Who was this guy and why was he so creepy?

One day she sent him a message telling him to stop adding her because she didn’t know him. He replied back with a mere ‘hello’. Anne decided the logical thing to do would be to block him.

About a month later,  Anne was home alone watching TV. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked up. No one answered. Minutes later the phone rang again, this time she heard breathing. She hung up. Was this really happening? Suddenly the door bell rang. At this point she felt chills down her back. Slowly and quietly, she crept to the door and looked through the whole. No one was there.

Her phone rang again, she picked up demanding who it was. The voice on the other end said, “It’s Sammy, I’m outside.”

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