Decorate the House for a Gorgeous Halloween

As we transition into the month of October, it’s amazing how the spooky stuff blows up everywhere and all the ghouls come out to play. Not everyone loves the goblins and freaky doll fixtures hanging around the house so if you would like to show your Halloween spirit another way, check out these fabulous ways to get into the mood! Promise they won’t give you nightmares.

1. Doors that go BOO!

Halloween Deco, decorations, skull, halloween ideasThis is probably one of the most adorable ways to literally welcome Halloween festivities. It’s perfectly amusing for all age groups and still shows how far a little tape and craft paper can go. Your Frankenstein door will bring all the kiddies to your yard.

You’ll need: black tape, scissors, white paper, toilet paper (for the ghost door) and a sharpie

2. Black accents

Halloween Deco, decorations, skull, halloween ideas

Black is always in. This shade is capable of making anything more fancy and posh. Add some accents in your warm home to chill things down for Halloween. Decorate the staircase banister by twisting a feather boa along with little red lights to give the place an eerie vibe.

Other ways to gothify the house: black wreath on the door, black roses, a silver skull, candle holders, bats in branches.

3. White Pumpkins

Halloween Deco, decorations, skull, halloween ideas

There’s something about white pumpkins that make everything much more prettier. Don’t be like everyone else on the block and put out some white pumpkins to greet people inside and outside of the house. They can be bought at your closest crafts store or DIY! You can grab some white paint and turn your own grocery store pumpkin into a work of art. Tie a ribbon on top and you’ll have a great centerpiece for the mantel.

Check out this DIY for some inspiration. Opt for dark flowers instead of white or use half of your pumpkin as a cauldron to serve your guests some witches brew aka spiked punch.

4. Coming off the walls

Halloween Deco, decorations, skull, halloween ideas

Head to Etsy for your pick of all the greatest cat wall stickers ever known to woman. Or find some stencils at any dollar store and spray paint in your own creepy crawlies. They are perfect for a child’s room or even your own if you love a decorative twist to wake up to.

5. Candy Bar


Ok, who says kids are the only ones allowed to have an extra extra sweet tooth on October 31st? You can join in on the fun too by creating your very own candy bar. Stock up on all your favourite treats and pop them into themed containers. For best results, opt for black, green or orange sweets. Try making scrumptious looking pumpkin pie cookies with this recipe.

We also suggest liquor to keep your festivities up while the kids are running around high on chocolate bars and gummy worms. Orange jello shots and bloody Marys are festive enough right?

How do you dress up your home for Halloween?

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