Destination Femme Sits Down With Singer/Songwriter Melanie Durrant

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We sat down with Canadian born and bred Melanie Durrant to find out what makes her tick and how she stays motivated in such a competitive industry. Being both born and raised in Toronto, Melanie knew from a young age that she wanted to be a singer. Her mother would tell her that as a child, she’d be more inclined to sing and hum than talk. Ever since, Melanie has used her powerful voice to guide her through life. Besides just having the creative ambition, she has also trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music and knows how to perfectly carry her voice. She openly agreed to give us a little impromptu performance and we were completely blown away by how talented this Canadian is.

Destination Femme Sits Down With Singer/Songwriter Melanie Durrant

Melanie describes her musical style as edgy and soulful. It was easy to discern that her music is strongly influenced by her emotions as her voice was so raw but full of passion. But besides just singing solo, she also enjoys collaborations with other talented artist such as Kardinal Offishall. She has also sung alongside Jay Z, 50 Cent, Jill Scott, Common, Sean Paul, Cissy Houston, Kardinal Offishall as well as many of Canada’s top artists.

Melanie Durrant remains humble:

What’s more important is that Melanie hasn’t let all of her success get to her head. When we sat down to interview her, Melanie was extremely warm and welcoming. She answered all of our questions openly and without hesitation. It was almost as if we were sitting down with an old friend trying to catch up. We even got her to show us some fun things that she carries inside of her bag as well as do a quick #OOTD shot. For those of you who aren’t in quite the know, that’s outfit-of-the-day. So before we give away anymore of the fun, check out the video to find out what other fun things we asked Melanie!

Destination Femme Sits Down With Singer/Songwriter Melanie Durrant

Also remember to keep an eye out for her new album, Anticipation, which drops February 17th! Pre-orders are currently available so if you fell in love with Melanies voice the same way that you did, make sure that you sign yourself up!

Will you be picking up a copy of Melanie Durrant’s new album Anticipation?

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