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The Delicious Food Show was a 3 day convention that happened this past weekend at the Direct Energy Center in Toronto, Canada. It brought a lot of celebrity chefs as well as food vendors looking to promote their products. There were over 200 culinary booths and over 50 live cooking events. If you’re into staying connected with the hottest trends in the culinary world right now, and you didn’t get a chance to check out the Delicious Food Show, you should check out the Food and Wine festival which is coming up in 2015! (Sorry but this is gonna be in Canada!).chuckhughes

Chuck Hughes was one of the main celebrity chefs at the event participating in the “Exclusive Chef Series”. He’s originally from Montreal but he joined us this weekend to take part in one of the highlights of the show — 24 lucky people got to have a live cooking event with him. They got to cook some delectable meals, including:

  • Home Smoked Salmon Tartare
  • 3 different types of recipes with seafood
  • Oysters (and how to shuck them)

Taken from the Delicious site:

[quote_box_center]The Exclusive Chef Series is a unique culinary experience that will allow visitors to get the inside scoop on how to master these tricks by participating in a hands on workshop and demonstration personally taught by their favourite celebrity chefs . In this fun and interactive experience, participants will, initially, be provided with a demonstration of their recipe, along with step-by step instructions, from the celebrity chef. The chefs will, then, share their tips and tricks while participants interact and ask questions regarding the workshop.[/quote_box_center]

modelfoodWhat did they they offer at the pre-event?

There was Ted’s Amazing Food Truck, brought to you by the one and only Ted Reader, creator of Ted’s World Famous BBQ. He showcased his BBQ smoked pork with a side of Stella Artois, hand delivered from the firetruck itself. If you like the novelty of getting your food from a firetruck, it would have been pretty impressive (especially after drinking a beer at 8am in the morning).

The picture on the left is an introduction to Abbey’s kitchen stadium where 8 of Toronto best chefs compete for the best dish. The goal is to make 2 dishes for only $5 each. There’s some s’mores, some donuts, and a lot of other sweet delicacies that the audience (also the judges) will be able to sample.

At the breakfast event, which was catered by the world renowned chef Rob Gentile of Buca Restaurant, there were offered scones, cheeses, deli meats, mini burgers, and much more.



Besides being around all sorts of sweet delectables, we got to listen to Chef Mario Batali, Tyler Florence, and Chuck Hughes talk about their cookbooks, and what inspires them when they cook.

Chef Mario states that making good food isn’t about the quality of the equipment, but about the freshness and quality of the food. He wants to know about where the ingredients came from. He wants to know the name of the person who grew the broccoli, because then “suddenly food tastes not only tastier, but it has a richer residence in your heart and soul.”

[pull_quote_center]Food is something selfless to people, and that’s why he wants to make the most delicious things possible — it’s a gift that he could share with others.[/pull_quote_center]

deliciousfoodshow_chefsChef Tyler Florence then talks about his new cookbook, which is a series of recipes compiled by his readers, for his readers. After 19 years of being on the Food Network, and 30 years of cooking, he found inefficiencies in recipes that make the cooking process so much longer.

“People don’t have as much time as they used to”.

He says he’s invented a bread that doesn’t need yeast to rise. The entirety of his cookbook costed him $50,000 to make, and he said he got to enjoy the intimacies of shooting photos with his iPad.

parachute coffee

Parachute Coffee

Going around the vendors, we got to meet the owners of Parachute Coffee, one of Canada’s newest and also potentially most successful coffee subscription services. They have only been around for 6 months but they already have gotten a fairly large following. They pride themselves on getting their coffee roasts locally — and they ship out their coffee as soon as they are received, on the first of every month. If you subscribe to their service, you will get a fresh roast every month within 1-4 days, so you know it’ll be fresh for when you want to brew it.

holycannoli cream
holy cannoli toronto

Holy Cannoli Shells & Cream

Can you say Holy Cannoli?! Toronto’s fresh, cream filled dessert delicacy debuted some of their new products at the Delicious Food Show — the chocolate cannoli cream pie and the cannoli dip. The owner spoke to us about how her father came up with the idea of starting the bakery — and with years of practice, they have perfected the cannoli cream — which is light and airy. She came up with the new cannoli dip — which can be portable because the shell wouldn’t get soggy, and you can refrigerate it for up to 24 hours.

cute donutsJelly Modern Donuts

Jelly modern donuts was a specialty for dessert lovers, because we were so in awe of how beautiful their donuts were. They pride themselves on being one of Canada’s top gourmet doughnut bakery cafes. It’s run by two sisters who started a store in Calgary and now they have locations in Toronto as well. They don’t use preservatives in their ingredients and they’re made fresh everyday. Their donuts have even been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey herself!

Also, last but not least, be sure to also check out the amazing Cake Pops we got from Olivia’s Cake Pops. We could not believe how affordable and amazing they are!

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