Plants not only help brighten up a dull room, they are natural humidifiers and also purify air. While indoor plants are easy to find, why put them in a boring pot, when you can make your own unique planter with materials you may already have on hand? You are going to love this adorable DIY even if you aren’t a cat lover. Trust us, this Plastic Bottle Cat Planter will have your place spruced up in a jiffy!

DIY- Cute Plastic Bottle Cat Planter -Draft

The supplies you will need:

  • 2L Empty Plastic Bottle (Depends on the size of your plant)
  • White Glossy Spray Paint
  • Permanent Markers – Black and Pink
  • Utility Knife
  • Plant (Preferably small flowering plant or any herb)


  1. Clean the plastic bottle and take off the wrapping.
    We used an empty 2L soda bottle and ripped off the label. We then washed the bottle and wiped it dry.
  2. Draw an outline of the cat including the ears.
    Carefully draw the outline as shown onto the bottle. The best way to know how deep the planter has to be, is to measure the length of your plant and add an inch to account for the gravel. Make sure to leave 2-3 cm of plastic bottle space above where the planter would sit so that the planter is completely covered.
  3. Add 2 triangles for ears.
    Once you’ve determined how high you need to cut the bottle, make sure to add 2 triangles for the cat’s ears.
  4. Cut the bottle following along the lines.
    Use the utility knife to carefully cut the bottle along the outline you drew. Please be careful! Plastic bottles tend to be slippery and you might cut yourself if you aren’t cautious. You could wear utility gloves during this step so as to avoid any accidents.
  5. Prepare everything to be spray painted.
    To avoid getting paint on your table or floor, cover it with cardboard or newspaper and then place the planter on top.
  6. Spray the bottle.
    Shake the can well and then spray paint the planter evenly on all sides. For best results, allow this to dry over night. To avoid paint drips, use thin layers and repeat until the bottle is completely covered in paint.
  7. Draw on the cat details.
    Once the white paint is completely dry, use a black permanent marker to draw the cats whiskers, eyes and mouth. Use a pink permanent marker to draw the mouth and the ears.
  8. Transfer the plant into your new plastic bottle planter pot.
    Follow the instructions given here, to carefully place your plant into the planter. Once the plant is placed, show off your cute cat planter by placing it in a spot that gets some sunlight!

What plant would you place in this cute cat planter?


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  1. Thanks for your tips! Those modifications sound really pretty and a plastic bottle would be much easier to cut, making it a better craft for those with limited tools or time.


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