Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

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How Do You Rediscover Your Fitness Motivation?

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

Lately, I have feel like I’ve lost my fitness motivation and this happens to all of us from time to time. Whether it’s a busy week, working two jobs, injury, feeling down and not well, it can seem like there’s always something can hold us back. I know for me, I feel like I have lost my “get up and go” and I’m not sure where I put it! I can’t find my fitness motivation. I know that I want to be getting to the gym 3 to 4 times a week but lately, that hasn’t been happening.

We’ve all been there right?

This is completely normal if you are feeling this way, no one can be 100% on their game 100% of the time. Everyone will have their ups and downs and trust me, you are not alone in this! My current struggle is making the time in each week to just do something and get moving. I end up been breaking appointments with myself, and this is the last thing I want. As we talked about a few weeks ago, the weather does play some role in my current mood and I do tend to get a little bit of the “Winter Blues”, but I take sole responsibility for my recent slump. I need to get back on track and find my fitness motivation.

Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

But, how do you get back on track? I think with anything in life, it’s important to recognize when you have gotten yourself into a funk, how else would you know that it’s time to make a change? When you can recognize that you haven’t been feeling yourself, you can then make the decision to change it. Only you can finally say “SMARTEN UP” and get moving!

My lows seem to happen a couple times a year so I have found ways to get back on track and look for the motivation I need. I know that for me it’s always going to be a battle and I’ve recognized that. As much as I love health and fitness, I have accepted that it’s not an easy road for me, it’s a journey and that journey requires hard work.

I have found 3 simple things that help to get me into the right mind frame to get back on track.

Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

1. Look to other fitness friends for motivation.

I look to people who go through similar battles that I do, and I talk it out with them. Sometimes I even just check in on social media to see what there are up to! Visuals are helpful to me, if I see some of my friends are at the gym, eating a healthy meal or even Tweeting about what they are up to – I get motivated to move and eat healthy myself.

Find a partner in crime that can pick you up when you are down. You can never have too many of these people; believe me, I have about 6 of them! Having someone to relate to your hard times is a great way to help yourself get back on track. Talking through issues and bringing them to the surface will help you face your fears and doubts head on.

Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

2. Get yourself a new fitness treat.

For me, this is a new running top, a new pair of yoga pants, a new water bottle, etc. I don’t break the bank on this item; it’s just a new, little something I get for myself and use it as enticement to get back to the gym. Every little bit helps. Look for something that you personally get excited about. This may be a new protein powder, a new fitness magazine that gives you workout ideas, anything! Treat yourself and reward yourself for deciding to get back into the groove!

Finding Your Fitness Motivation Again

3. Finally, update your playlist with songs that motivate you!

If some of you saw my gym play list, you would probably never be friends with me again, BUT here’s the thing- I don’t care! I put songs on my gym list that actually give me the motivation to move my ass! I’m not embarrassed about them because this is what works for me. I put my headphones in, crank the tunes and sweat! I put my playlist in an order according to my workout; upbeat songs in just the right place to keep me going. I will even get excited to get to the gym and sweat it out once I have updated my play list!

Simple little tricks like these can give you that little extra oomph that you’ve been missing. Try one or all three to help you find your fitness motivation all over again.

See you at the gym this week!

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