How To: Eye Shadow Tutorials For Asian Eye Shapes

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Eye tutorials for Asians can be hard, especially because all the beautiful eyes you see online have perfect deep set creases and are wide and round! It’s super hard to put color on your lid if you can’t even SEE it because it’s so hooded.

We have faced those problems and we’re going to address how to deal with each type of eye (we tried get our hands on as many types as we could!). East Asians can be finally included as well in eye makeup tutorials. Do you have hooded/narrow/monolids? Don’t worry, we came up with some solutions for you. These tutorials are meant to be “everyday” or “almost everyday” wear, so they’re not as dramatic as some of the ones you can find elsewhere. *ahem.

If you couldn’t find your eyeshape or if you have any questions about how to do your makeup, leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

eye 1 round__low crease

For those people that already have round eyes with a more defined crease, it can be hard to go after most normal eye tutorials because the crease expands down lower, making your eye look droopy without makeup. For our look, we brought the eye up with a cat-eye flick and some bright colors. In this case, crease isn’t even from the beginning to the end, so try to balance out the shape by dragging the attention away from the center and more to the sides.

Our look for this type of eye shape:

eye1round crease

You generally want to bring up the eye more because the crease goes down. To make your eye look more lifted, draw a cat-eye flick at the end of your eye with an eyeliner or eyeshadow. We used green to bring our the brown eyes more (as brown eyes typically look good with a bit of color).

If your eyes are already big but you just want them to “pop”, add a bit of white to the inner V. Add mascara and draw your brows so that they lift your eyes even more. Highlight under your brows for definition.

Afraid of using color? Don’t be! There’s always room for a bit of color in your everyday look.


eye 2 narrow and hooded

For those who have narrow eyes and hooded crease, the hardest problem is probably not having enough “room” to work with when you’re doing your makeup. For this look, we recommend expanding your work space to above your crease. You probably want to make your eyes look bigger, so your eye makeup and your brows contribute a lot to what the end result will be. You don’t want it to be wider, but probably taller, so use neutral colors to define and create more of your lid space.

Our look for this type of eye shape:

hooded narrow eye shape

For those with hooded eyes, bring the color to above where your natural crease is. Prime your eyes, cover your lid with a bright shimmery color. You want to accentuate a deeper eyelid without using eyelid glue or anything.

Using a dark neutral color, we used “hustle” from the Naked palette, and draw it where your outer crease is. Round it up so that it’s like a cut crease but do not make it harsh. Blend it out. Finish with a black eyeliner and draw where your hooded crease is. Angle it up and flick it if you want to give it a tilt. Work with your brows to give it more of a lift. This will make your hooded eyes less prominent and make them seem less narrow.


eye 3 almond small crease

If you have almond eyes and a small crease, you probably don’t need much makeup to go for a daily basis. Our model here has half her crease hooded,  which isn’t that big of a problem, but you do have less space to show off any color on your lids. If you want to do your eyeshadow, you have to work with the edge of your eyes and your eyebrows a lot more to bring definition to your eyelids.

Our look for this type of eye shape:

almond hooded

Brush on a shimmery light color on your eyelid. Work from inner crease out. Because you have to work on the outer corners to make any colors show, use a dark neutral (or color) on the outside. If what you’re going after is a basic, everyday look, then don’t go overboard. Blend it out like you’re working with a fan shape, so that it brings your eyes forward more. Lastly, arc your brows with a shimmery light color on your brow bone.


eye 4 down turned monolid

Ah, the classic “what do I do with my monolid” situation? If you don’t want to crease your eye with eyelid glue, then you gotta start working with your eyeshadow and eyeliner not on the lid of your eye, but above it. It may feel like you’re putting a lot of makeup on your eye and that you may be extending it too far, but that won’t be the problem. For this type of eye shape, you want to turn your eye upward and if you want to accentuate your eye, “make a fake lid”.

Our look for this type of eye shape:

monolid eyes

Scared of using purple? Don’t worry, you can replace the color with something neutral as well. The main idea is to expand your territory so that you’re working with the top of your eye instead of your lid because the color most likely won’t show up if you put it on the lid.

For this look, we did a simple fan cat-eye. Put a layer of purple all over your eye, so that it peaks over your eyelid. Our model has slightly down turned eyes, so to lift it up, we flicked up the ends with a black eyeshadow and a bit of eyeliner. We also lined the bottom waterline as well. (Then of course, blend it together).

If you want something even more, you can do the same type of look but with a cut crease.  This will make your eye look as if you have a crease, and maybe maybe your eyes look bigger!

Tell us…

What’s your eye shape and how do you typically do your makeup?


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  1. This is so useful thankyou! Would you have any ideas how/what eyeliner to wear with the almond eye and narrow inner crease??

    • Hi Tina! For eyeliner, you should try to make your line as thin as possible otherwise it overlaps with your narrow crease. Liquid eyeliners are best but you can do the same with a sharpened kohl pencil liner. Try to tightline it close to your waterline. If your eyes aren’t too angled, you can flick it up a bit at the end for a cat-eye.

  2. Hi!
    Thank you for your article!
    My eyes look like the Eye 2! It will help me with the make up >.<, I'm not good with make up, plus my hooded fold doesn't help at all lol

  3. so much thank you for this superb article!!! ist so helpful. now i know how to make eye make up for my almond eye and narrow inner crease eyes. please make glamour make up tutorial for those asian eye shapes 🙂

  4. Thank you!!!! I have watched so many eyeshadow tutorials and wondered why it did not turn out the way I wanted it. It was because I was watching a different eye shape. Thank you this made everything soooo much easier!!!!

  5. Hey, I was wondering: I have lopsided eyelids. One has a tiny, hidden crease (or a secret crease, as some call it) and the other is just a monolid. Any advice?

  6. Thanks for sharing the information, I am indeed looking for this information. I found good information on this article. Nice site 🙂


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