Junk Food Turned Healthy: These Healthy Snacks Actually Taste Good

Healthy Junk Food Dupes That Actually Taste Good

Don’t order that take out. Don’t put those chips in your shopping cart. Don’t reach for those cookies. Just because you have cravings doesn’t mean you have to ruin your week’s worth of healthy eating in one meal. It’s pretty safe to say- we all want to eat mountains of food without gaining weight. We can guarantee you, that you can eat these junk food alternatives feeling less guilty, and more healthy. Bonus!- these all actually taste good (shocker, we know).

Chocolate Chip Cookies x Energy Bites

Chocolate Chip Cookies x Energy Bites healthy dupes

Cookies, cookies, cookies. We’ve all got an inner cookie monster inside. The delicious smell of freshly baked cookies just lingers in the air. Unfortunately, once you eat one cookie, you can’t stop. An alternative is healthy energy bites. Not only do you never need to bake it (great for us gals who forget about what we’re baking), but you can freeze it in your fridge and keep it for weeks. It has plenty of texture from the coconut and oats. You can also customize it to whatever you like. Feeling raisins? Just toss it in. Simple.

Chicken Nuggets x Cauliflower Crunch Bites

Chicken Nuggets x Cauliflower Crunch Bites healthy dupes

Chicken nuggets are greasy and usually contain tons of preservatives, but for some reason we always crave it. Cauliflower bites on the other hand are baked and guilt free. The bites still maintain the same crunch, saturation of flavour, and look. If you need more flavour, try a ranch or sweet chilli dressing. Also, it only requires three ingredients to make this healthy snack.

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream x Banana Ice Cream

Chunky Monkey Ice Cream x Banana Ice Cream healthy dupes

Ice cream is full of sugar, especially if it’s chunky monkey. All girls know, when you or a friend has a breakup with their significant other, you’ve got to bring out the ice cream. A night in, sitting in bed, watching sappy love movies. The perfect environment to gain 5lbs overnight. How do you take out the sugar, but still enjoy the treat? With Banana ice cream, obvs. It only requires one ingredient, plus chocolate if you want to make it chunky monkey. Cut out those extra calories and make some healthy ice cream.

French Fries x Avocado Fries

French Fries x Avocado Fries healthy dupes

To complete every meal, french fries are always there. The oil, the salt, and the crunch. Oh, how it’s so irresistible. Everywhere serves french fries, it’s usually the cheapest thing on the menu. It makes it hard to resist the urge. But what if you could go home, and eat healthy, guilt-less fries? Try some avocado fries. Avocados contain good fats that are great for your body. They’re also mild in taste, meaning you can make it taste like whatever your dip is. Use bread crumbs, panko, or coconut flakes for your desired crunchiness.

Chips x Dried Crisps

Chips x Dried Crisps healthy dupes

We all have to admit. We have a bag of chips somewhere hidden in our home. Whether it’s from that Halloween when you confiscated it from your niece, or just hidden in the back of your cupboard for “emergencies”. These are deep fried in a bowl of oil, and dipped in mountains of salt. Chips are far from healthy. But a great dupe is dried… anything! Try some apple chips, those are a classic. You can have them plain, or add cinnamon for an autumn feel. Not a fan of apple, you can slip up anything and put it into your oven to make chips. Think zucchinis, bananas, potatoes, peaches, etc! The possibilities are endless.

Fruit Roll Up x Fruit Leather

Fruit Roll Up x Fruit Leather healthy dupes

Every kid that’s lived through 2000 knows that fruit roll ups are the definition of childhood. The sweet, sugary filled strips that you could unroll and nibble on are not to be forgotten. Now that we’re older, and our metabolisms are slowing down, we’ve got to do something about these cravings. So why not try healthy fruit leathers? You can blend any mix of fruits you want, lay it on parchment paper, and bake for a few hours. They have the same texture and sweetness as original fruit roll ups. Try not to finish the whole batch in a day!

Pancakes x Banana Egg Pancakes

Pancakes x Banana Egg Pancakes healthy dupes

Everywhere around the world, this morning treat is enjoyed. The soft, fluffiness of the pancakes, mixed with the sweet syrup drizzled on top. Some may argue that pancakes are’t as un- healthy as you think, but if you can make an alternative with just two ingredients, who wouldn’t try it? As the name states, it’s only made with banana and egg. You can forget the extra flour if you want, you’ll still get the same delicious results. Swap the maple syrup for honey to get an healthier alternative. Now, you can use those extra calories you saved on other things!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

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