A Letter To The One That Got Away

[pull_quote_center]What’s the difference between the one you love and your soul mate?
One is a choice, and one is not.[/pull_quote_center]

The one that got away.

We’re pretty sure everyone has one of these. When you hear the words, does a specific person come to mind? It doesn’t matter what circumstances you two had. If you’re like us, write down the words that you’ve always wanted to say to them.

letter to the one

To the one that got away,

It’s been a while that we haven’t talked. It feels strange to know that you’re somewhere out there and despite all the methods of communication, it’s like there’s an invisible force between us. We said it would be better if we stayed friends, but I knew that wouldn’t work out — and it didn’t.

It’s funny how we used to be so close. I still remember the nights we stayed up so late together despite having to wake up early the next day. I remember the ways you made me laugh. I remember the Skype calls, and the text messages, and the never-wanting-to-spend-a-day-without-you’s. It’s so strange because everything seems like a distant memory and you’ve become just a stranger again.

We talked about our future as if we understood life. We acted like we could have conquered the world together. In the days of our young passions and dreams, the world was ours for the taking.

We made plans that never ended up coming true. We both thought we could have stayed together forever; as if that word wasn’t already naive enough. In the end, it ended up not mattering when we actually grew up and saw ourselves for who we are.

We are now in completely different worlds. We probably could arrange a time to meet up or talk but we both know it’s not going to happen. You’ve probably met a lot of other girls, and we’ve probably both found love again. That’s not to say that your love is still the one I remember.

We had our reasons for ending it the way it did; we had our reasons to walk away.

If we were to do it over again it would end up the same way.

In the end, I’m just glad for the opportunity to ever have met you. If a soul mate was real, you would probably be the one. You’ve taught me many lessons, and have given me many days of happiness that overshadow the many days of sorrow.

Thanks for have been in my life. Thanks for the memories.

I’ll always remember you (unless I get Alzheimer’s).

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