Makeup 101: Amazing Tricks for Reusing Expired Makeup

Things we makeup-lovers hate:

Expired makeup.

Don’t you hate it when you buy a new mascara and use it once or twice then it’s already expired? What are we going to do with the rest of this dry black lump if I can’t put it on our eyelashes?

We often don’t pay attention to the expiry dates on our makeup simply because… it’s not usually on there. There are general guidelines one should follow in order to make sure their makeup is up to par.

Check out our handy info-graphic on when your make-up expires!

Makeup Expiry Dates

These are just base guidelines. Remember that if something looks off or doesn’t apply the same way as before, then it’s probably time to toss it out.

What could happen if I use expired makeup?

Just because the expiry date says my make up’s no good doesn’t mean anything! I can keep using it… right? What’s the worst that could happen?

A ton of things, honey,

Mascara/eyeshadow/eyeliner: Using old mascara not only stops working, since it becomes all clumpy and dry, but it has the chance of infecting your eye with bacteria as well as drying out your eyelashes. Since it’s always in and out of the tube, it’s in a tight, moist space where bacteria loves to grow. You could get red eye, staph infection, and you could become permanently blind.

Foundation/Concealer/Blush/Bronzer: Anything that makes contact with your skin also has the chance of bacterial infection. In the case of liquid foundation, the layers will be sticky and won’t give you as much coverage. Cream foundation will become hard and oily. If you apply any of these after their expiration date, you have the chance of getting irritated skin as well as breaking out. It could lead to infection as well if you have pimples or open sores.

Lipstick/lip gloss: Using old lipstick is not only unhygienic, but also kind of gross. It’s best to keep the bacteria away from where your mouth is. On top, you could get herpes (cold sores) from it.

Nail polish: Nail polish is one of the exceptions. It may not be harmful to you but it won’t stay on. No matter how much you shake it, the layers won’t combine and you’re left with a goopey mess.

What can I do with my expired makeup?

It sucks finding out your makeup has expired. But all hope is not lost! Just because you have a bunch of expired makeup in your drawer doesn’t mean money down the drain. We have collected a number of things you could do with your expired makeup so you won’t have to throw them all away for nothing:


mascara spoolie

It wouldn’t be wise to use the actual mascara again, because it’s probably contaminated. But what you can do is take out the spoolie and clean it well. (The best trick is to use dish detergent and run it under hot water). You can reuse it as an eyebrow brush or to brush out the clumps of mascara in your lashes.

Eye Shadows

lipstick into nailpolish
Credits to beautylish

Turn your old eyeshadows into nail polish! You have a so much variety to chose from and it won’t hurt! All you need is your old eye shadow, a clear top coat (or a clear polish) and a mixing bowl. For all the details you can visit here.

Pencil Eye Liner

gel liner eyeliner
Credits to beautydepartment

Do you have an expired pencil liner? There’s a great way to fix that. Using a lighter, burn the liner so that it’s hot but not melted. Wait it out and make sure it’s cool, and you have yourself a perfect good gel liner! This works out because you’ll be killing the bacteria with the flame. Make sure to consistently do it everytime you sharpen it or if it goes dull.

Powder Foundation or Eyeshadow

old powder

Use your old powder as a paint and make cute animal prints with it! It’s good for impressing people with. “Hey, how did you get that lovely piece of artwork that you have there on your wall?” “I used my old powder and eyeshadow! *swoon*” People will love it and commend you for your creativity.


lipstick lipbalm

This is an absolutely adorable way of reusing your old lipstick. Love your color but can’t use it anymore? Turn it into a tinted lip balm! You will have to heat this so it will kill the bacteria, as well as give you a spanking brand new set of colors to wear on your lips. All you really need is some vaseline and your old lipstick.

 Tell us…

What other ways do you have of reusing your expired/old makeup?

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