Are You Making Sure that You’re Staying Hydrated?

Are You Making Sure that You're Staying Hydrated?

Are You Making Sure that You Stay Hydrated?

Do You Know When Your Body is Dehydrated?

From your favourite Trendy Fit columnist: Steph

This week’s topic is pretty much like beating a dead horse. We have all heard it before and we know its something we are supposed to do, but I guarantee that most of you out there are not doing this enough. What is it? Drinking enough WATER! Fighting dehydration!

Because our bodies are made up of almost 70% water, every day we need to consume enough water to keep hydrated. If we aren’t consuming enough water daily, we can cause our bodies to go into dehydration. Awhile back, we talked about listening to our bodies. Observing the signs that our body has to tell us what is going on. Well, dehydration is a way our body is telling us to consume more water, put more water in our body to get back to balance!

Are You Making Sure that You Stay Hydrated?

Dehydration may not always show up as a feeling of thirst, there is many other signs that you will experience on a day-to-day basis that are simple enough to ignore, but these are signs that your body is entering into dehydration mode. Symptoms like: fatigue, headache, constipation, cold fingers and toes, regular UTI’s, and even muscle pain are all signs that you are not putting enough water into your body. Some of these symptoms may be regular occurrences for you and often times in our busy lives, we seek medication right away to solve ailments without looking to the simplest solution. In my own experience, I know that when I get a headache, I haven’t had enough water to drink up to that point. When my body isn’t hydrated, it causes a headache so I immediately fill up my water glass! Again, it’s all about listening to what your body is telling you, or better yet: what your body is asking for.

Are You Making Sure that You Stay Hydrated?

So, we know that we need water, but often we don’t know why exactly that is. When you understand why there is a need to do something for your body, it will make listening to it that much easier. (Maybe this is why they say: “Knowledge is Power”?)

Here are just a few reasons why your body needs water:

  1. It will help to carry all the great nutrients you are putting into your body to the right places- everyone needs a little help sometimes right?
  2. It will also help to get rid of the waste products in your body
  3. Digestion, digestion, digestion!! (there’s that beating dead horse thing again!….)
  4. Your skin will thank you- water helps to keep your skin youthful, and full of moisture. Dry skin=wrinkled skin.
  5. It will help your mental functioning…….. brain power!

These are just a few reasons to keep in mind about why you need to drink water and make it a priority against fighting dehydration.

Are You Making Sure that You Stay Hydrated?How much do you need?

This is somewhat of a debate between experts it seems from any of the research I have done. Some say 8 glasses a day, 2 litres or 65 ounces – the fact is it will completely depend on you. It will depend on your activity level, your current health state, where you live, are you breastfeeding etc.- there are so many factors to consider. The best judge of hydration is how your body is feeling (listening to your body) are you experiencing any of the above symptoms far too often, but also, the colour of your urine. If your pee is dark, you haven’t had enough water, if it’s really light in colour, good job! You are doing your job right! It sounds like a silly method but really; this has to be one of the simplest methods in helping your body fight dehydration. So go ahead, have a look!

We know sometimes that it’s hard to consume that much water, and some people will say: “I don’t like water!” well sorry but…you’re wrong. You just haven’t found the way you enjoy drinking water!! Myself, I love room temperature water, not ice cold. Sometimes if I am feeling fancy, I will throw some cucumber slices in, it gives it that little extra freshness that I can drink all day long! Try different methods that will help you and your body to fight dehydration. Keep on hydrating!

Are You Making Sure that You Stay Hydrated?

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