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Girlfriends, we need to talk. We need to have a chat about our clothing choices ever since we joined the ‘Mom Club’. I know we’ve been out and about on the streets in some rather peculiar outfits which, in our defense, are completely normal, but we primarily aim for comfort while forgetting about fashion. However, mommies, we can be both comfortable and fashionable sans baggy clothes, knotted hair and running shoes!

[quote_center]”Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” -Karl Lagerfield[/quote_center]

Simply because we are moms does not mean we should let go of our fashion sense while believing that it’s socially acceptable to be… well, covered in stains and smelly (yes, you can laugh out loud)! It takes will-power, brilliant family members and sassy friends to get us back into fashion postpartum. We require confidence to put on a pair of sexy, skinny jeans and a silk top in order to be able to strut the boulevards in our four inch heels (on second thought, let’s stick to two inch heels for now).

[quote_center]”Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.” – Christian Louboutin [/quote_center]
Motherhood does not mean “game over” when it comes to fashion. Motherhood is a whole new fashion chapter to be discovered and explored. We, moms, are amazing – we give birth to wonderful, little darlings and this beautiful miracle should manifest itself in the way we dress. Motherhood is to be celebrated through fashion – mommy fashion!
[quote_center]“I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful, but also to reassure them, give them confidence.” – Yves Saint Laurent [/quote_center]

Let’s go shopping for some mommy fashion:

Mommy Fashion
Top from Gap | Pants from Zara | Accessories from My Femme Crush
Denim has been and always will be in fashion. We all have countless pairs of jeans, but: are they all the same style and colour? Be courageous, shop for  vibrant hues and different cuts: boot cut, skinny, high waist, low rise, flare, etc. Visit different stores for different looks. Step away from your usual shopping spot and explore new brands/stores. Colourful jeans are fresh and youthful. Opt for yellow, orange or green denim, just to name a few. The point is to have fun with fashion and to select pieces which you love. Denim shirts are a great all-season wardrobe must-have!
Tip: Always buy jeans which have at least 5% spandex.

Mommy Fashion
Top from Dynamite | Pants from Zara | Accessories from My Femme Crush
Just because we are moms does not mean our sweaters should drape, be baggy or hide our bodies. Sweaters should be tight enough to enhance our curves and loose enough to be able to run errands in. In other words: buy the right size! A lot of moms are buying the wrong size sweaters – this hides our figure. A flattering sweater is a fitted sweater. Choose cashmere or merino wool. These fabrics breathe well and are comfortably cozy. We moms love cozy more than anyone else! When it comes to sweaters, mommy fashion insists a comfortable and breatheable fabric, but at the same time it has to drape well.
“All a woman needs to be chic is a raincoat, two suits, a pair of trousers, and a cashmere sweater.” – Hubert de Givenchy 

Mommy Fashion
Top from J.Crew | Blazer from H&M | Accessories from My Femme Crush
Blazers are über versatile and simple to fit into numerous different looks: jeans, skirts, pants, dresses! (Again, buying the right size is key). A blazer oozes a sense of professionalism and commitment. Pull off a sexy mommy look on a Sunday by wearing your blazer with a t-shirt, ripped jeans and All Starts – fashionable mom in an instant.
“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” -Miuccia Prada 

Mommy Fashion
Top from J.Crew | Jacket from H&M | Pants from Aritzia | Accessories from My Femme Crush
Black is back. In fact, black has always been in and the ‘it’ colour when we dress for the office or a ‘night in the town’. Be fashionably hip and go up a notch by adding some black pieces to your wardrobe, girlfriends. A fitted, mixed fabric jacket and a relaxed pair of pants is sexy and sophisticated. These loose trousers as a quintessential component to any mommy fashion closet as they’ll literally feel like you’re wearing pajamas al day long. Jewellery pieces are key when it comes to fashion, add bold necklaces and earrings for an extra ‘Pop!’
“A girl should be two things… Classy and Fabulous.” -Coco Chanel 

Mommy Fashion
Dress from Gap | Accessories from My Femme Crush
That’s right, sexy mommies, show some leg. Put on a dress! When was the last time we wore a dress, girlfriends? Let me guess: last year, at your best friend’s  wedding? Dresses are flirty, fabulous and fashionable. Choose an ‘every day’ type of dress which you can incorporate easily into your lifestyle. Go for cotton or wool for a polished look. Pair with leather boots and jacket et voilá, we are officially back on the fashionable list!
Tip: Add a necklace to this look and you’ll be the most fashionable mommy on the block! Shop at My Femme Crush for the extra ‘Wow!’ factor.
“A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.” Oscar de la Renta 

When in need of some more mommy fashion inspiration, check out some of the beautiful mommy celebs: Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen.
Mommy Fashion for the Busy Mother

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  1. Zlatina, your articles are always very inspiring. You made me go and shop for new clothes today 🙂 I got some accessories as well and am proud of myself :). Thank you!


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